Fishing tip: Maintain your ice fishing equipment during the open water season!

Start and run your gas-powered augers periodically to keep them at peak performance.

Hot and steamy weather have you longing for the next ice season? We have lots of time to enjoy warmer temps before we’ll see any ice, but one can dream….

We ice anglers invest a large amount of money on equipment. Care for it properly and it’ll reward us with many years of use. Still, there are a few items that deserve some special attention during the off season to ensure that your equipment will be ready when freezing temps return.marcum

For starters, pay attention to all of your electronic devices. Remove disposable batteries and periodically charge the rechargeable variety to maintain peak performance.

Check and charge deep cycle batteries in wheel houses when you’re not using them for lengthy periods. (That goes for the boat batteries, too, in
case you find yourself too busy to hit the water every couple weeks.) Charge them and add distilled water if necessary.

Store gas-powered augers and generators with treated gas, then start and run them for a few minutes about once a month. This keeps gas lines and gaskets from drying out and prevents build-up in the carburetors.

If you haven’t done anything with your ice rods, remove any tension from the line to keep your rod blanks straight.otterrodbox

Check on items you stashed. From snowmobiles, ATVs, wheel houses, spear-houses, flip-over shelters, and anything else that you placed out of sight. Make sure that neither sun, moisture, or rodents are ruining your equipment. Catch these issues now and maybe you can take steps to prevent any serious damage.

Let’s not wish away summer just yet, because we have lots of open water fishing and upcoming hunting seasons before the hard water. But a little work now will make it much easier to prepare when first ice arrives, and you might save some bucks, too!

Good luck fishing and stay safe!

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