Female hunters starting to understand impact of ‘beauty’ in woods

If you watch any hunting shows featuring women, you may have noticed many of them wearing makeup. I often feel conflicted when I see women on TV with thick eyeliner and big lashes. This is hunting after all, and I cannot imagine all of their makeup is scent free. Does one really need to enhance their natural features when heading out into nature? I do not wear makeup when hunting. However, as a former TV news reporter I understand wanting to wear makeup while appearing on TV. If I were Melissa Bachmann or Tiffany Lakosky and made a living hosting my own national hunting show, I would probably wear some makeup. Whether or not women should wear makeup when hunting is a debate that has been going on for a while. Prior to writing this blog, I researched the topic and found numerous websites and social media posts supporting both sides of the argument. I even discovered an article titled “Make-up Tips for Archery Hunting.” As it turns out, a lot of women do wear makeup when hunting. 

In fact, as the number of female hunters grows, this has become a new market for companies like Just For Does. I recently traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for the 2016 Iowa Deer Classic and noticed their booth showcasing a brand new scent free makeup line. It is the first time I have ever heard of makeup specifically designed for women to wear while hunting. Company Founder and President, Michelle Wales, said this was her first show displaying the makeup products. She shared that the company had received some inquires about makeup and with more women taking up the sport, creating a makeup line seemed like the best thing to do. While the line is still in the beginning stages, Wales said she was getting a lot of questions about it during the show. I know it certainly caught my attention. Upon further research I found another company, Deaux Girl, that offers everything from scent-free foundation to eyeliner. I may be behind on the makeup-in-the-stand trend, but who knew? 

While I am still on the fence about wearing makeup while hunting, it is nice to see scent free options for women who do want continue their beauty routine during hunting season. As long as the focus is on empowering female hunters and not sexualizing them, it is refreshing to see any new products designed with ladies in mind. With personal care items like volumizing shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and shaving cream already on the market, I suppose makeup is the next step in providing a full line of beauty products for female hunters. So what do you think? Would you wear makeup while hunting if it were scent free? Please share your thoughts with us on the Outdoor News Facebook page.  

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