Michigan Cuffs & Collars – March 11th, 2016


CO Brian Lasanen responded to a personal-injury accident involving a snowmobile. CO Lasanen assisted by transporting medical personnel to the accident scene with the aid of his snowmobile. The operator of the snowmobile hit a bump in the trail and lost control. The driver had bailed off of the snowmobile after losing control and landed about 50 feet from the tree, which the snowmobile had struck about 8 feet off the ground. The operator was transported to the hospital for possible back and rib injuries.

While on a late-night patrol, CO Brian Lasanen and CO Ethen Mapes witnessed a snowmobiler run a stop sign at a high rate of speed. As they pursued the suspect, attempting to make a stop, they witnessed the snowmobile operator run through four more stop signs at more than 40 mph. CO Lasanen was able to get in front of the careless driver. The driver of the snowmobile admitted to driving too fast. Enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol, CO Ethen Mapes and Sgt. Grant Emery observed five individuals operating snowmobiles without helmets. The subjects were unaware that helmets were required to be worn in Michigan while operating a snowmobile. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Shannon Kritz worked fishing activity on the Cisco Chain of Lakes. One subject was contacted while tending six tip-ups. He said three belonged to a buddy who had left to get something to eat. CO Kritz addressed the issue of too many lines, as well as unattended lines when the friend finally returned.

CO Brian Bacon served warrants on two individuals who were contacted while smoking marijuana in their ice shack.


CO Robert Freeborn was on patrol on Indian Lake when he came upon a portable shack with a fisherman tending a tip-up. As CO Freeborn got off his snowmobile and asked the fisherman how many lines he had out, a second subject walked out of the shack a few seconds later. Both fishermen stated just six tip-ups. CO Freeborn then asked if there were any lines in the shack. The subject who exited the shack when CO Freeborn arrived said, “Nope, I don’t.” CO Freeborn then walked up to the shack and found a pole still being fished, along with a pole that was lying next to the hole that had been reeled up with water still dripping off it. When asked about the poles, the subject who was still in the shack as the CO made the initial contact stated he didn’t have enough time to reel up his buddy’s pole, only his. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kevin Postma received a trespassing complaint involving a trapper. A surveillance camera was set up, and roughly two weeks later, a suspect was caught on camera checking his trap. CO Postma spoke with former District 2 CO Kyle Publiski about the complaint. CO Publiski recognized the suspect from when he worked the area and relayed the man’s identity. CO Postma then contacted the trapper and obtained a confession. A report is being sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Kevin Postma was checking fishermen on Munuscong Bay. As he approached an angler sitting on a bucket, he noticed him reel up a fourth line. The angler advised CO Postma that he was trying out a lure for just a minute. CO Postma then observed a walleye on the ice that was obviously undersized. CO Postma questioned the angler, who quickly pointed to his fishing buddy who was approaching. The second angler admitted catching the 13-inch walleye and advised that he thought that was the legal size. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kevin Postma was approaching a fishing shanty on Munuscong Bay when he noticed an individual standing outside his shanty with the door open. The door then closed as CO Postma got closer. CO Postma quickly made contact with a second individual in the shanty who was just hanging up his rod holder. CO Postma noted the six tip-ups outside of the shanty and questioned the individual about fishing a fourth jig pole in the shanty. The angler denied the accusation and said he was just enjoying some coffee. CO Postma then observed a jig pole tucked away with water still dripping off the lure. The angler did not admit he was fishing with the fourth pole and had several explanations. What the angler couldn’t explain is why he didn’t have his fishing license with him and why his snowmobile registration was expired. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Duane Budreau was patrolling Paradise Lake for ice-fishing activity when he encountered two subjects fishing. As he approached the subjects, they began to frantically start pulling fishing lines from the water. Between the two subjects there were a total of 11 fishing lines being used. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Eric Bottorff, CO Paul Fox, and CO Matt Theunick patrolled Black Lake after the sturgeon season was closed and apparently caught several fishermen off-guard. Several tickets were issued for fishing with too many lines, possession of an undersized pike, and snowmobile registration violations.

CO Eric Bottorff assisted the Wildlife Division with elk-collaring in the Pigeon River Country, where elk are netted from a helicopter and then collared by a ground crew. The tracking collars are part of a research project regarding elk movement.

CO Brad Bellville contacted two fishermen who were excited to show CO Bellville the nice 15-inch bass they had caught on another lake. CO Bellville explained that bass season was closed and issued the angler a citation of possessing the bass during the closed season.

CO Brad Bellville and CO Kelly Ross investigated a complaint about a person being in possession of wolves, which were actually aggressive huskies. The dog owner also was a suspect in the dumping of animal parts on state land. CO Ross obtained a confession to the dumping of the animal parts and also located six blue jays and other protected bird species on which the suspect stated he intended on practicing taxidermy. While at the residence, the COs also located two firearms. The suspect is known to be a felon unable to possess a firearm. Charges are being sought.

CO Bill Webster responded to a deer-feeding complaint located near a cattle farm that recently was diagnosed with bovine TB. A citation was issued for feeding deer in a closed county.

CO Paul Fox responded to a complaint about multiple untagged deer hanging in a garage at a residence. Upon contacting the homeowner, three untagged deer were discovered in the garage. The deer had been shot in the legal season but had not been processed yet. Enforcement action was taken for the violations.


CO William Haskin was contacted by local law enforcement officers who said someone had sunk a snowmobile in the canal between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell. CO Haskin responded and found an individual at the canal with his snowmobile still in the water. The individual was soaking wet and cold. The sled was towed at the owner’s expense, and the operator was taken to an area laundromat to dry out clothing and equipment. Enforcement action was taken.

CO William Kinney was checking ice fishermen on a popular lake in Mason County when he approached an ice-fishing shanty and asked to see everyone’s fishing licenses. The group unzipped the door and it was apparent that all the members of the group were holding fishing poles and actively fishing. One of the anglers did not have a fishing license on him and claimed he was pretty sure he had bought a fishing license, because he was out fishing this summer. After further checking, it was found that the individual had not purchased a fishing license in several years. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mike Wells received information from an Oceana County landlord that one of his renters had moved out of his rental house, leaving it a mess, and that several deer were located in an outbuilding without kill tags on them. A search warrant was obtained and executed with acting Sgt. Ben Shively. Upon searching the outbuilding, two antlerless deer were found hanging from the rafters. The two deer had been field-dressed and were still in the round. Both deer had been hanging for quite some time, as witnessed by the fact that little to no meat was present on either deer. More deer parts were located on the floor of the outbuilding, and by the time the COs put all of the parts together, it was determined that three more deer were involved, with a total of five deer located. No kill tags were located with the deer. The renter of the property has been identified, and the investigation is still under way.


CO Mark Papineau completed an investigation regarding a 4-point buck that was reportedly shot during the firearms deer season without a license. CO Papineau was tipped off to the illegal deer during an unrelated case in which a subject was bragging about shooting a buck. After an inquiry into license purchase history, CO Papineau discovered that the subject did not purchase a hunting license until nine days after he reportedly shot the buck. An interview was performed, and despite the subject’s initial attempts at denying the incident, he later fully confessed. Warrants are being sought for taking a deer without a license.

CO Josh Russell received information from CO Phil Hudson regarding an Iosco County resident who was keeping too many panfish while fishing the Au Sable River. CO Russell patrolled the area where the subject was known to fish. He eventually made contact with the subject and asked how the fishing was. The subject stated “good,” and that he had just below his limit. After counting the fish, it was determined the subject was well over the limit. Enforcement action was taken.

While conducting ice-fishing checks on foot, CO Sam Schluckbier came upon a shanty with four northern pike lying in the snow and only two anglers inside. The anglers stated they were having a good day jigging for pike and were looking to get more. CO Schluckbier inquired about the length of each northern pike, to which they replied, “24 inches.” After measuring each fish, it was discovered that two of the pike were well undersized. CO Schluckbier confiscated the illegal fish and educated the two on northern pike size restrictions and bag limits. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Chuck McPherson was patrolling state land and found a vehicle parked. CO McPherson made contact with a subject. Upon further investigation, CO McPherson found where the subject had set numerous traps that had no identification tags, along with an illegal snare on public land. The subject admitted that he was targeting bobcats during the closed season. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Chad Foerster was working the Saginaw Bay shoreline when he came into contact with an angler coming off the ice with his young son who was riding on top of the ice shanty mounted from the receiver hitch. Neither was wearing a helmet and the ORV did not have an ORV license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Ken Lowell has issued a number of overlimit tickets for anglers taking too many bluegills on Big Whitefish Lake.

CO Ken Lowell made contact with a subject who built his dog kennel on state land over a year ago. The CO advised the subject that the property was on state land and it had to be removed. CO Lowell gave the subject plenty of time to have the kennel removed, but he still refused. A ticket was issued, and further enforcement action is pending.

CO Jason A. Smith was able to contact a youngster who improperly disposed of his deer from last fall. Within 24 hours, the deer was removed, along with other unrelated trash that was left in the area.

While on patrol during a bad snow squall, CO Mark Siemen came upon a semi-tractor and trailer that had rolled onto its side, blocking Forester Road. CO Siemen assisted the driver of the truck by contacting a tow company and the Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office. CO Siemen assisted with traffic until the truck was removed.


CO BJ Goulette made contact with a subject who had a confession to make. The subject proceeded to tell CO Goulette of an antlered deer he had taken two days before the firearms season opener in 1997. The subject reported that a group of does ran across a road, followed by an antlered deer. The subject stated that he needed to come clean to clear his conscience and was ready for any punishment necessary. CO Goulette discussed the significance of following the rules and came to the decision that a warning would suffice. The subject agreed to donate the shoulder mount of the deer to a local nature center or school classroom.

While on patrol, CO Greg Patten observed a subject drilling holes and setting tip-ups on Wolf Lake. CO Patten returned later and made contact with the subject, who had no fishing license. He also failed to put his name/address on his tip-ups. Further investigation revealed a felony warrant for dangerous drugs out of Detroit. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Justin Ulberg checked two anglers after dark on a lake in Kent County. While contacting the anglers in their shanty, CO Ulberg noticed the smell of marijuana. CO Ulberg questioned the anglers about the illegal substance, and the anglers produced a small amount of marijuana. CO Ulberg also observed four lines being used and only one of the subjects had a fishing license. After a brief conversation, one of the anglers claimed he was fishing with the extra line and the other angler, without the license, had not been fishing. Enforcement action was taken.

While checking ice anglers in Kent County, CO Justin Ulberg noticed nine tip-ups set, with no anglers in the nearby vicinity. CO Ulberg checked the tip-ups and none of them had the required name/address labeled. After a brief conversation with one of the anglers on the ice, CO Ulberg gathered information that the tip-ups were set by two individuals who were at a house on the lake. CO Ulberg contacted subjects at the house, and only one individual could produce a fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Richard Nickols was contacted by CO Richard Nickols from Clinton County Central Dispatch about larceny of traps. CO Nickols met the complainant and took the report. After taking the report, CO Nickols found he had received a RAP complaint the previous day from a rabbit hunter who had located traps on state land and was concerned for his dog’s safety. CO Nickols spoke with the hunter, who admitted to removing the traps and taking them. CO Nickols took the traps and returned them to the trapper. Verbal warnings were given for removing the traps. Also, the trapper was given a warning as the tags on his traps had become illegible.

CO Richard Nickols received a Report All Poaching complaint from a subject that found a deer head in his backyard with a tag attached. CO Nickols recovered the deer head and found it belonged to a subject a few houses down the street. CO Nickols interviewed the homeowner and found the deer had been legally taken, but the head was left in the backyard where it was dragged off by an animal. The head was returned to the owner.

CO Richard Nickols swore to a two-count warrant from an incident that occurred last summer. A group of bowfishing anglers were confronted on a lake by a subject who was upset about the activity and brandished a handgun. Charges were authorized for angler harassment and brandishing a firearm.


CO Dan Walzak conducted a taxidermist inspection and made contact with a subject who failed to validate his kill tag when he tagged his deer. The subject identified the antlers as those from the deer that he had harvested, and was very candid when explaining that he just tagged the deer and did not think about validating it. Enforcement action was taken.

CO David Schaumburger obtained a confession for the illegal killing of an 8-point buck. The hunter stated that he only shot does. During one particularly foggy morning, he shot at a deer that he believed was a doe. When he walked up to the deer, it was an 8-point buck. The hunter was not in possession of the correct license so he went to the store, purchased the license, and put it on the deer. A warrant is being requested.

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