Wisconsin archery record broken yet again, this time with 193-inch La Crosse County buck

La Crosse, Wis. — For the third time in four seasons, a Wisconsin bowhunter has broken the state’s typical archery record.

This time around, it was John Kassera, 63, of Rockland, who shot a La Crosse County 10-point buck on Nov. 5, 2015, that eventually set a new state typical archery record at 1934⁄8  inches of antler.

The rack grossed 2015⁄8 inches. The net score of 1934⁄8  inches put it ahead of the 2014 Dodge County buck shot by Adam Hupf. That buck went 1916⁄8.

Kassera’s buck had main beams of 306⁄8 and 305⁄8 inches. More than 42 inches of mass and five tines longer than 11 inches helped build the score.

“Thirty-inch main beams? That’s huge,” said Jeff Fechner, of the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club (WCCB). Fechner and five other WCCB members panel scored Kassera’s buck on Jan. 23.

Kassera is going to keep hunting even though he doesn’t expect to ever see another buck close to this one.

“They told me it could be a new state record. I didn’t think it was at the time. I never imagined it would qualify for the record. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have never shot anything quite like it,” said Kassera. “My biggest archery buck was probably in the 125 range. I won’t top that one, but I’m still going to get out there. I have a few years left in me.”

Kassera will have the rack at the WBBC booth at the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo in Madison April 1-3.

John Kassera does not use trail cameras, so he did not know the buck was in the area. Neighbors shared their trail camera photos with Kassera afterwards.








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