Fluorescent pink feathering someone’s nest?

By the time the current state administration gets through with Wisconsin’s natural resources, some hunters will not be hunting, anglers may not be angling, and conservationists may not care about conserving what little resources remain.

I just hope, however, that outdoors enthusiasts still care when the sun rises on some bright future day.

The a long list of eliminating traditions, removing safeties, and domesticating wildlife continue to change our hope for a safe, exciting, wild outdoors.

Many of these changes are probably about the money.  Remember the phrase, “Follow the money?”  It’s seems to be more about feathering someone’s pockets than improving a species’ habitat.

More fluorescent pink clothing options are soon to be available for hunters.  I suspect most supporters of this clothing debacle are about to fill the racks with blaze pink.  Just for kicks, call your favorite outdoors shop and ask them how long it will be before pink clothing will be available. 

When one is so sure of getting a ridiculous idea through the Assembly, Senate and governor’s office, why not put in an early order?

The biggest problem many of these bills had was to find a reason, an excuse, a problem, that the new idea was to solve.

Here are a couple thoughts.  Have you been reading letters from white, color blind males who say they see pink clothing as white? 

Do you still want to send a female into the woods on Saturday, Nov. 19 wearing pink?

I hope you aren’t a parent who has to deal with a hand-me-down of hunting clothing from girl to boy or boy to girl.  Maybe it’d be easier to quit hunting than fight with the kids and explain to them why the family can’t afford yet another set of deer hunting clothing for one day a year in the woods.

When this craziness stops, will we be able to recognize these outdoors activities?  Will we be able to recognize the environment?



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