Economy bird feeding for Wisconsin homeowners

Some homeowners spend hundreds of dollars feeding birds (maybe in part because they can no longer feed deer in some counties because of CWD).  Shortly after beginning feeding, some stop the practice because it’s too expensive.  In many instances, squirrels take most of the food, making it even more costly.  The sunflower fruit shells leave a mess and the entire operation brings mice, voles, opossums and small hawks that pick off the small birds.  There is a longer list of other reasons to not feed.

For those who really want to watch, study, photograph and listen to the birds, there are options to eliminate some or all of those excuses.  And yes, it is possible to listen to the birds with microphone systems that “pipe” the bird conversations indoors.

Partial deer carcasses are fed upon by a long list of birds, including large hawks – even eagles.  Jays, woodpeckers and nuthatches come, too.

Suet in tiny cages is inexpensive and attracts more than woodpeckers.  No mess, either and considerably less cost and less maintenance.  

Raw suet can be purchased at some meat markets, wrapped in netting or mess bags, and hung from a tree.

Finally, there are piles of waste food, some of it on rural roadways where combines load semi-trailers.  Scoop it up before the deer, turkeys and crows find it.  Feeding whole kernel corn will satisfy squirrels and jays, pulling them away from more expensive feed.

In short, feed can be free and feeding contraptions can be free or homemade, too. 




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