Last-minute gifts for the sportsman

Last-minute gifts for the sportsman

With our deer season in the history books and Christmas upon us, the ever important question plagues so many people, “What to get the other hunter or hunters in your family?” Time is short to stock on gifts, and with the countless choices here are a few suggestions on what you can get for the other hunter in your family and save yourself a bit of a headache.

Twist Up Hoist Rope: This is a simple stocking stuffer every hunter can appreciate. Whether we ever talk about it or not, tow ropes can be a pain. The Twist Up Hoist Rope by HAWK can be purchased at Cabela’s. Simple and inexpensive, the 25-foot long rope is topped off with rubber coated wire twist ties for securing gear without damaging it.

Sitka Gear Stratus Glove: Gloves end up in many Christmas packages since they are an easy way to help the other hunters in your family. If you want to get them gloves which not only last for many years but provide incredible warmth and wind-stopping power, the Sitka Stratus Gloves will show the other hunter in your family you really care.

Snow Lizard Phone Protection: You probably know the name Otis for their gun-cleaning systems built right here in New York. Do you know they make an endurance case for hardcore outdoor adventure? The Snow Lizard case is a polycarbonate exterior case with rubberized side grips. It is also waterproof and has a trickle charge solar panel for backcountry emergencies. 

Wicked Tough Hand Saw: Hunters should have a reliable hand saw in their gear bag at all times. Not having my hand saw once cost me a shot at a monster buck since I couldn't cut the branches I needed to create a better shooting lane.  Wicked Tree Gear’s Flagship handsaw cast aluminum handle and hardened locking hardware along with a high carbon steel blade and rubber molded grip. These saws are sharp, tough and reliable. A usable gift not just for the woods but for yard work as well.

Hunter’s Safety System Lifeline: A lifeline helps keep hunters attached from the ground to the treestand and back to the ground. Statistically speaking, most accidents involving treestands happening while climbing. HSS lifelines are an inexpensive way to help keep the other hunters in your family safe.

Real Avid Revelation X4: With a sharp blade, beefy handle for control and four LED lights in the handle, the Real Avid Revelation X4 knife has worked well for me several times this season. This is a great knife to have for field dressing and butchering. From deer to birds, this knife makes an extremely sufficient gift for the New York sportsman.

These last-minute items are in one way or another can play essential roles in the every-day hunting experience. Buying gifts for the hunters in your family can be tough and I hope this quick list can help alleviate some of the guesswork everyone goes through while shopping. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Enjoy time with family and be thankful for the chance to experience the wild.  

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