Farmers due diligence pays off in 9-point Ohio buck

In an Ohio Outdoor News column back in August, I detailed the extensive, years-long efforts of a hunting buddy, V.J. Huffman, of Toledo, to develop two small farms he owns into deer-hunting havens. His opening day buck this year is payoff proof.

V.J. killed a nine-point, 250-pound, five-year-old buck on his farm about an hour west of Toledo along the Ohio-Michigan line. His second, smaller acreage is in Coshocton County. The hunter had been at it hard during archery season earlier, but collected no horns. Then came opening day of firearms season:

“Late afternoon a doe walked in and bedded 60 yards west of my stand. Watching her closely I soon saw antlers and realized a big buck was following closely.”  Perhaps it had something to do with the rut running later than normal, V.J. theorized, but the buck “stood 20 yards behind her observing her every move. 

“At first he was in brush behind a white oak and when he finally walked into a small opening I made a good 80-yard shot with my Remington 870.” A brief trek up a blood trail brought the hunter to his trophy.

V.J.’s farm-grooming efforts involve many days of work – a passion and pleasure for him – during the year. He prepares trails, artificial scrape sites, and treestands, and maintains various crop, shrub, and tree plantings suitable for attracting deer and other wildlife. The results show that if you invest the time and effort, tailoring land to benefit deer pays off. V.J. and his family crew of hunters can show you a camp wall lined with a long row of fine antlered mounts.

And now there is one more, that dandy opening-day nine pointer.

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