Northwest Ohio Fishing Report – December 4th, 2015

Van Wert Reservoirs #1 and #2 (Van Wert County) – These two reservoirs are on State Route 127 at the south edge of the city of Van Wert. Anglers should have success catching sunfish at Van Wert Reservoir #1. Anglers should try using waxworms under a slip bobber set to seven feet during the mornings and evenings. Try fishing along the southeast bank. Bass anglers should head over to Van Wert Reservoir #2. Try casting crankbaits around structure from a boat. Boats are permitted on both reservoirs; however, no boat ramps are available. Boats must obtain a permit from the city of Van Wert.

Lake LeComte (Hancock County) – Lake LeComte is in northeast Hancock County, three miles southwest of Fostoria on Hancock County Road 23. Decent populations of bluegill, crappie, bass, and channel catfish can all be found in the reservoir. Lake LeComte also has a pretty good population of saugeye. As the water temperatures begin to drop, these fish should start to feed more heavily. Boats are allowed on the reservoir, with a 10-horsepower motor restriction.

Beaver Creek Reservoir (Seneca County) – The reservoir is at the intersection of Township Road 196 and County Road 34 in the northeastern part of the county. Boat anglers have been catching nice sized yellow perch and crappie by fishing near the bottom using minnows and shiners. Sunfish have been biting, as well. Anglers have been using red worms fished under a slip bobber near the bottom. A boat ramp is located on the east side of the reservoir. Boats are limited to electric motors.

Lake McKarns (Williams County) – Lake McKarns is on the St. Joseph Wildlife Area, south of Montpelier on County Road J and west of County Road 10. The lake is 70 acres in size and right now is a good time to try for some largemouth bass. Try fishing along the edges, particularly in the southwest area of the lake. Anglers should try using topwater lures fished along the structure edges. There is a daily bass limit of three fish, of which only two fish of less than 14 inches and one fish greater or equal to 20 inches may be kept. The lake features a boat ramp and boats are limited to 10-horsepower engines.

Findlay Reservoir #2 (Hancock County) – Findlay Reservoir #2 is southwest of Findlay on Township Road 207. There is a full boat ramp at the southern shore of the reservoir. Yellow perch and walleyes should be biting. Yellow perch can be caught around structure. The best baits include minnows and red worms fished near the bottom with spreaders or crappie rigs. For walleyes, anglers should try fishing along the shoreline during the morning and evening hours. There is a 9.9-horsepower limit on the reservoir.

Nettle Lake (Williams County) – This natural glacial lake is on County Road 4.75, off State Route 49. Largemouth bass and crappie should be biting this time of year. Evenings usually produce the best. Bass anglers should focus their efforts along the edges using topwater lures and worms. Large crappies can usually be found near the lily pads in the northwest corner. There is a boat ramp at the southwest corner of the lake. Nettle Lake has no horsepower restrictions; however, there is a no-wake rule (power boaters must operate at idle speed) between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. From 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., there are no speed restrictions for power boaters.

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