Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – November 27th, 2015


For the Ashland side of Chequamegon Bay, fishing has been good, with walleyes, brown trout, and coho salmon being caught in the bay. It has been a memorable autumn with the extended warm weather, especially after last year’s major snowstorm in early November. Water temperatures in Chequamegon Bay are still in the low 50s. And even out in the big lake, the water is still relatively warm with temps in the upper 40s.

There have been reports of some splake and steelhead showing up in the Sioux and Onion rivers area. After the last rain, the rivers loaded up with fish for a short period. The cohos have been huge this year, at least by Lake Superior standards. If you got in on that last push of fish, you would’ve seen some great ones.

In the lake proper, trout and a few salmon are working the shorelines. A pile of splake and some nice browns have been up really tight to the shore in some places. Most of the cohos are up the rivers and are gone by now, but there are a few cohos out there yet.

Trout and salmon fishing closed Nov. 15 on the downstream section of Lake Superior tributaries that remained open after Sept. 30.

Smallmouth bass are moving into wintering areas around Ashland where they are schooling up, but there were still smallmouth bass being caught up along Brush Point and out toward Long Island recently. In addition, there has been decent walleye action along the Ashland shoreline with folks dragging crankbaits, mostly Rapalas, and using suckers.

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With a change to wet and cooler weather last week, fishing pressure has been minimal. Heading into the firearms deer season, hunters should encounter plenty of animals despite the fact that archery hunters are reporting less deer movement in recent days. Waterfowl hunting has improved with several good reports heard of mallards and geese being shot in fields.

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At this time of the year, we are usually talking excitedly about the ice-fishing season. Not this year, as the unusually warm weather is keeping that at bay. We have had a drop in the average temperatures, but not enough to really get motivated to get those augers out yet. We still have some open-water fishing going on for walleyes and muskies. It is beginning to look like open-water fishing for muskies will last to the end of the season.

Walleye fishing, for those few who have been out, is pretty good. It is a great time of the year for size and numbers of these fish on all lakes. On the Eagle River Chain of Lakes, the fish are in the holes, and at times venturing to nearby deep weed edges to feed. Jigs and minnows are working well. On the larger lakes, action is deeper, but still in the very good range. Fish in the 25- to 35-foot range right along the drop-offs for best results. Try some larger suckers or red-tailed chubs for bigger fish. Night action is good for those willing to brave the miserable conditions.

Muskie action has been good, with sucker action leading the way. The lower the water temps, the better the sucker action is at this time. Action has been slightly better on the smaller lakes, because the water temps are lower on those lakes. The cisco spawn will produce some big fish when it finally happens. Speaking of these fish, look for them to be staging off of the spawning areas right now. Jerkbaits and some of the bigger slow-moving crankbaits work well in these declining water temps.

Crappie action is good. The few walleye anglers on the Eagle River chain report some crappies mixed right in with the walleye in the deep holes. A few perch also have been reported.

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Walleyes continue to hit minnows in 15 feet of water on Lake Lac Courte Oreilles and Round Lake. The sand bars on Round are holding smallmouth bass, as well. Muskie action remains good on large suckers on Spider Lake and the Chippewa Flowage. Bucks were still on the move heading into the gun deer opener, based on archery hunter accounts.

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Deer hunting has been slow, but bucks are chasing does. Deer numbers are increasing a little in the area. Waterfowl hunting has been slow, too. Whitefish have moved into the local rivers. Wax worms on tiny hooks fished under bobbers have produced good results. Steelhead and a few walleyes were being caught in the Menominee River. 

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Unseasonably mild weather for the first third of November kept plenty of fishing opportunities open, but few anglers have been out to enjoy it.

Muskies: Good. While suckers on quick-set rigs are accounting for more than half of the action, jerkbaits and rubber baits also are producing fish.

Walleye: Good. Most of the action has been over deep-water humps and transition zones of 30 to 45 feet. Larger redtails, black chubs, and suckers are working the best. A few anglers are finding fish suspended 4 to 6 feet off of the bottom while using Jigging Raps to score fish on less windy days.

Largemouth bass: Good. After weeks of no reports, anglers casting and slow-retrieving spinnerbaits (Colorado blades) are catching nice largemouth bass in good numbers over weeds in 6 to 10 feet of water.

Water temps are above average for this time of year – mostly 42 to 50 degrees.

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The open-water fishing season is quickly winding down in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Even with the mild early November weather, fishing pressure continued to drop off, and few anglers have been out on the water. Just a few muskie and walleye anglers have been out trying their luck, and reports of success have been tough to come by. The muskie anglers who are fishing are mostly dragging large suckers around the deep water, and action has been variable. But, this is trophy time and most of the anglers are just hoping for that one bite from that monster esox. Walleye success has been generally slow. A few anglers were catching fish on minnows along the deep breaklines and on the mid-depth mud flats. Water temperatures have been holding in the low 40s, and ice-up is still several weeks away (though low-teen and single-digit temperatures can change that in a hurry).

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A few muskies and northern pike were biting last weekend, but fishing pressure has been reduced to almost nothing since the cooler weather arrived. Archery hunters are seeing good deer movement, and every indication is that people should have a quality gun season. Duck hunters are finding more mallards in the area this week.

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The second week of deer hunting was much slower than opening weekend, but overall deer success has been good this season. Fishing reports have been limited to a few muskies being caught on sucker minnows on the St. Louis River and Island Lake.

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