Northern Illinois Fishing Report – November 13th, 2015

Chain: The fish are starting to put the fall feed on. The bass will begin to feed with the dropping water temps. The fish are relating to any of the green weeds or wood and search baits like spinnerbaits and swim jigs are doing quite well at finding the aggressive fish. 

The boat docks have been holding some good fish, but bigger fish have been found around the channels.

The panfish bite is good as usual and the boat docks are offering some good structure. Look for the black floating docks or wood docks as those have the warmer water near them. Wax worms or crappie minnows on a single hook or your favorite ice jig under a slip float have done really well. 

Work the areas in the 7 to 8 feet of water near the weeds. The crappies are suspended over deeper water as well as some of the larger bluegills. Watch your graph on the breaklines, and you will find the suspended fish. Minnows or jigs under a float or small jigging spoons worked around the suspended fish have been top producers. In the evening hours, watch for birds and surface splashing and you will find the white bass. 

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