Wisconsin adults may no longer shoot antlerless deer on youth tags when group hunting in buck-only units

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday, Nov. 11, signed AB 243 into law. This will change the group deer hunting rules for adults when it comes to youth antlerless deer tags.

Last year in buck-only units nearly 7,000 antlerless deer were legally shot. Many of those deer were, indeed, shot by young hunters as intended by sportsmen and the DNR to encourage kids to get involved in hunting. However, a number of those deer were shot by adults under group hunting laws that allowed them to legally shoot a doe in a buck-only unit and then have a kid tag the deer.

That is not the intent of the youth exemption in buck-only units.

The Senate and Assembly passed the proposed law change ahead of the governor’s signing.

The DNR is expected to issue a press release on Friday, Nov. 13 in an attempt to get the word out before the gun deer season opener on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Conservation Congress chairman Rob Bohmann, who has been following the legislation closely, said he expects wardens to use heavy discretion when enforcing this new law this deer season.

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