Wisconsin — save the backtags, save the tradition, save the season

Once again, one should assume that the person pushing to eliminate certain portions of Wisconsin’s deer hunting traditions, regulations and methods is doing so for protection of those who want to justify previous transgressions.

Many of these regulations are in place to promote safety among hunters and the public, too.

The most recent attack is on the deer hunting backtag that has been around since 1942. There are no savings in eliminating backtags.  In fact, the state would lose some revenue.

So why do it?  To make it more difficult for a landowner to identify a trespasser?   To make it more difficult for a warden to identify a hunter in the field?  To make it more difficult for a hunter to be identified as a deer hunter?  To make it easier for a hunter to get by not purchasing a license until a deer is down?

And to eliminate one more hunting tradition, one that sets Wisconsin apart from most states.

Of course, some of the news releases, and stories from these releases, say the opposite.  Again the hunters are being told changes are making hunting simpler.  Changes will continue to be focused on keeping tradition.  Changes will make hunting more fun.

Deer pellets!

It should be unnecessary for an agency to say these things unless – well, unless they are feeling the pressure of being guilty for eliminating simplicity, eliminating fun, eliminating tradition, and eliminating safety.

Of course we know it is usually not really the DNR who is speaking, acting and supporting these rapid-fire changes and we probably should not put all the blame on our natural resource agency.

Tell your senators and assemblymen who seem bent on supporting those who want to hunt illegally, or have been caught hunting illegally, to lay off.

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