Maximizing bowhunting opportunities

A lot of bowhunters talk a big game when it comes to dark-to-dark sits, but few of us actually pull it off. That’s because sitting in a little treestand all day long stinks. It’s uncomfortable and can be extremely boring. Most hunters can’t hack it. I’m one of them, most of the time, but I also know extra hours spent in the woods this time of year are always wisely spent.

That’s why I’ve started using ground blinds more often for long sits. It is a lot easier to sit all day long if you can easily move around, pour a cup of a coffee from a Thermos, and munch on a sandwich without fear of getting busted. The downside to all-day sits in ground blinds is your visibility will always be more limited than when sitting in a treestand. It’s a trade-off that is best made if you want to sit long hours but can’t cut it 17 feet up an oak tree.

If this sounds about right, it’s best to get out there now and start seasoning your rut blinds. Deer don’t accept hastily set up blinds very well, which is why I brush them in heavily. I also pay attention to how the sun will hit them, because slanting morning or evening sun can catch a flat side or the roof and flare much more than you’d expect. This is a deer-action killer, and the best way to avoid it is to either tuck your blind into the shade or truly brush in the top. Doing both is an even better idea. 

If you’re interested in a dawn-to-dusk rut hunting affair, prepare for it now. Plan out a good site, get a blind in, and then prepare for some monotony. At the very least you’ll be able to stretch out and sip on a cup of coffee while you’re waiting for a cruising buck to slip into range.  

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