Antlers from escaped trophy buck, shot by hunter, go back to deer farm owner

“Inquiring minds want to know.”

For some reason that phrase, first used by the National Enquirer in the ’70s to promote stories in that racy tabloid, came to mind when I was talking to the guy from suburban Pittsburgh.

“Whatever happened to that trophy buck the Huntingdon school teacher shot last deer season, the one that escaped from a deer farm?” he asked. “You had a story about him getting sued by the deer farm owner, who wanted the carcass back, antlers and all. How did that end up?

“It ticks me off when you cover a story, and then don’t tell me how it turns out.”

The guy had a point. I didn’t know the disposition of the Huntingdon County court case involving the farm buck, and who got to keep the antlers. The next day, coincidentally, I got an email from another subscriber about the same case and story.

So, those of you who wondered what happened to that trophy farm deer, see our story in the Sept. 28 issue of Pennsylvania Outdoor News. The short answer is, the hunter caved and gave it back to the farm owner – venison and antlers.

And remember, the poor guy paid the Game Commission a $100 fine for taking the deer outside the CWD disease management area to be processed. The hunter paid that and his attorney’s fees and has nothing left but a photo and a memory.

Contrast what happened here to a similar situation that unfolded in Ohio last year –

In that case, there was no lawsuit and the hunter kept the escaped trophy’s antlers and had the buck mounted.


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