​Share the bounty of the outdoors with others

There are few reasons why outdoors information shouldn’t be shared with friends or people who are fine individuals.  Knowledge of the outdoors, how things are accomplished, enjoyed, harvested, and taken into possession is not equally known by hunters, gatherers, anglers and others who just like to walk in a woods.

Sure there are secrets, but giving someone a bag of morels does not require telling where they came from. 

I recently talked to two older gentlemen who have picked up more shagbark hickory nuts than I ever intend to.  For whatever reason, they didn’t find many nuts this fall.  I don’t know if that meant they only carted 10 gallons home or two pints. 

Knowing of a likely location, I checked it out and yes, the nuts were there for easy picking on a gravely trail.  One tree had dropped small nuts, but lots of them.  The other tree had prize nuts that had fallen out of the fruits and they were just as abundant as the first tree.

I picked up a few from the ground under each tree and told the two men about the location and passed my cache on to one of the men.

On a recent turkey scouting hike I ran across a beautiful chicken-of-the-woods (sulphur shelf) mushroom and informed a fungi lover of the massive golden find.  He wasn’t able to pick it right then so fearing it would get too dry, eaten by squirrels or smaller animals, I walked the half mile each way, cut off about two pounds of the mushroom shelves and dropped it off at the man’s house. 

On the second trip through the woods I flushed four large wild turkeys, disturbing them from their feasting on white oak acorns, so I gained from the trip, too.

There are folks who like wild game and produce but can’t get it themselves.  Others are too busy, know too little, or lack the equipment or permission to hunt, fish, gather and enjoy the outdoors.

Consider helping them obtain what they desire if you can.  You’d probably do the same for Girl Scouts and local volunteer firefighters. 

Most times this form of outdoors giving costs you nothing but you’ll be thanked just the same.




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