Fishing for fall bass? Don’t forget the docks

There’s no question that bass anglers spend their time around docks but most anglers forget dock-fishing once fall comes.  That, is a mistake, if you ask Glenn Walker, a diehard bass enthusiast from Savage, Minn., who fishes water all of the Midwest for largies.

“I like to search out the remaining boat docks that are still left in the water as the temperatures begin to drop,” he said.  “Being that vegetation is dying off, bass will search out other forms of cover, and docks are one of them.  The wood, metal and plastic will absorb the sun’s warmth and increase the water temperature around it. This calls in the baitfish and the bass to eat them.”

Walker said that because there is less cover on the lake in the fall, remaining cover can be a gold mine.

A traditional jig-and-pig presentation will work well when fishing docks for fall bass. Photo by Dan Durbin“Bass will school up on the cover that is left, so it is possible to pull up on a dock and catch numerous bass,” he said.  “My go to presentation is a ½-ounce green pumpkin bass jig with a trailer, as I can skip it under a dock and if the wind picks up, I can keep contact with the bottom.  Using an abrasion resistant line is crucial as the crossbeams and poles of a dock will do damage to your line.”

Walker will fish docks as long as they are left on the lake but does prefer those that are adjacent to deeper water as the fall progresses.

“I’ll fish them until the water ices up,” he said.  “That 50- to 60-degree temp can be the best. Now through the end of October can be a great time for docks.” 

So, don’t always head to the weed flats and weed lines once fall hits. Docks get abandoned by many anglers in the fall, but the bass are still there and ready to feed.


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