Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – September 11th, 2015

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) – Largemouth bass fishing should be picking up. Try using a variety of crankbaits or spinnerbaits cast along the shore line. As shad begin moving into the lower end of the lake, shad-colored baits should be successful. Smallmouth bass are also present in this lake and can provide a fun opportunity for anglers. Nighttime angling for smallmouth is especially productive this time of year. Fish along the rocky shore line in six to nine feet of water using tube jigs and spinnerbaits. Short-arm spinner baits (7⁄16 ounce) with a pork trailer work well at this lake. Spinnerbaits should be retrieved slowly just along the bottom over rocky substrate.

Seneca Lake (Noble County) – Largemouth bass angling should start improving with the cooling trend in water temperature. Reservoir bass have a high tendency to stage near woody structure at nearshore locations. The preferred lure color is generally white plastics as tubes or grubs fished in water depths of six to 10 feet near irregularities associated with the lake basin. Saugeye fishing success should also start to improve. Lead-head jigs with a white twister tipped with a minnow are effective at this lake. Shad Rap’s and other similar crankbait imitations and worm harnesses can also be productive for saugeye.

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