Northeast Ohio Fishing Report – September 11th, 2015

Mogadore Reservoir (Portage County) – Anglers have really enjoyed the catfish action this summer at Mogadore Reservoir. It has continued to produce nice catches of channels. Anglers are doing well using shad caught by cast nets. Most fish are being caught after the sun goes down in the shallow flat areas.

Tuscarawas River (Tuscarawas County) – The Tuscarawas River is a great location to catch a large diversity of fish. Smallmouth bass, saugeyes, channel catfish, and flathead catfish are all being caught by anglers with a variety of baits. For eight- to 14-inch smallmouth, anglers should target rocky structure just out of the main current with jigs or crayfish fished on the bottom. Saugeyes are also hitting on jigs and curly tails fished in the deeper pools of water near structure, such as woody debris. Anglers should try tipping jigs with minnows or earthworms. A fair number of saugeyes between 10 and 17 inches are being caught. Channel catfish and flathead catfish are ranging between 10 and 16 inches and 12 to 25 inches, respectively, and are being caught in better than average numbers. It is suggested that anglers should fish tightline on the bottom with cut bait, stink bait, chicken liver, earthworms, or live minnows in the three- to five-inch size. Fishing these baits near undercut banks or wooden debris piles has enticed both catfish species. The best access is the Dover Dam off of State Route 800 to points south (public access). Note: Most of the land along the river is in private ownership and access from shore is limited. A public boat ramp has been constructed east of Tuscarawas on Tuscarawas Road. Anglers should get permission from the landowner to access private shorelines. Canoe and boat anglers are experiencing excellent catches of fish.

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