Wisconsin’s e-registration for deer begins full force this fall

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources has implemented a new deer e-registration system for all seasons and all hunters beginning with the early archery season that opens on Sept. 12 and continuing through the guns seasons, too.

This e-registration is similar to the phone-in/computer registration process currently used by Wisconsin’s spring and fall turkey hunters. Some 14,000 hunters used the system as a trial last fall.  The new system replaces all in-person registration stations.

While this new system was not supported by some hunters and groups, it’s now law and we should use it to replace our long-standing tradition of visiting an in-person registration station.

All deer must be registered either by phone registering, computer registering, or visiting a select group of local businesses that will have computers available to do the e-registration.

Not registering a deer or registering a deer and not honestly providing the data is illegal.  There are other reasons for continuing to follow the new process, too.

This data is used in many ways to assist wildlife managers and private citizen groups in managing the people’s deer herds.  To provide incorrect data in any way, including not providing any data, will hinder those discussions and decisions.

It would be illegal to do otherwise.  As important, it would be unethical and unfair to mislead those individuals, groups and organizations.

The old saying, “junk data in junk decisions out,” continues to apply here.

Continue to be an ethical hunter.  Continue to be part of the process, not part of a new problem. 





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