Good answer: Wisconsin DNR’s customer service crew comes through

​There is a reason why agencies, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, have offices, bureaus, and groups devoted to customer service. But then every person who works for a state agency or even county and local government is serving customers, most of whom are the public.

The past week I made a call to Wisconsin’s DNR using the general information number. I was asking about hunting and fishing regulations pamphlets, reports and forecast packets. Even though I was asking for the purpose of learning and writing about this information, my request was similar, probably identical, to thousands of hunters.

I had stopped at numbers of outdoors shops asking for some of this information, but it was not available in print form. It was up on the DNR’s Web page and while I had printed off a number of pages I wanted the actual pamphlets, some of which are 10s of pages long.

No, the pamphlets I was seeking were not available but would be in a few days. 

I knew the answer I was going to receive; it’s online and you can get it there.

Surprise, that answer never came.  Instead, without asking the person I was speaking with …

Let me back up. I had also asked if the information would be coming to me as a patron license holder. Sometimes items are mailed out to these license holders, or at least used to be mailed to them.

Back to the answer I was sure would be coming. But it never came. Without asking to have something sent, the old fashioned way, U.S. Mail, the person said, “As soon as print copies are available, we’ll send you the material."

Now that is customer service. She anticipated and was on the spot with the service.

The service from this agency is no better, and no worse, than it was a decade ago, in spite of what some of the leaders in these agencies tell us. But every once in a while, very often I might add, there is real customer service here. I mean really good customer service, I’ve found.

And now, if the agency (postal service) delivering the pamphlets knows what customer service is, I will chalk this as a really good deal and making this a really good day.

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