Five top fishing presentations for late summer bass

It’s late summer. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are feeding, and their forage is as vibrant and healthy as it will be all year. So start big and aggressive with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and buzzbaits. Crankbaits are ideal for fall bassin’. The bucketmouths are feeding, and I they’re just more aggressive right now. Later in fall, you’ll be dealing with different, bigger fish moving into the shallows more consistently. My biggest bass ever was a fall fish caught from a mere 12 inches of water!

Creature lures or plastic lizards, have become one of my personal favorite presentations  for bass every autumn. Bass wearing the feedbag will target larger, bulkier creature lures right now with ample action. Mix up the movement by slicing off part of a tentacle or leg – just alter it somewhat to change up that action. Any alteration should correspond to the bass activity level.

I think the average bass angler gets too focused on one plastic for catching bass. We forget about lizards but they work extremely well in a fall pattern. Use 6-inch or 4-inch lizards, and deploy them Texas-rigged. Don’t forget tubes on jigs or a tube hook. Anywhere from 3 to 4 inches will be the most productive. Here again, be willing to alter your presentation by cutting tentacles.

I also like Texas rigged worms, but don’t get hung up on the same old 5- or 6-inchers. Four-incher work on a jig well. Or maybe try a 10-inch! Always be willing to regularly switch to the same style or color of bait that the predators are pursuing. Switch colors and you might just pick up a couple more.

Finally, in a tougher bite, work that old reliable wacky worm. Think 5-inch for largies and 4-inch for smallmouth. Make sure it’s falling slowly and smoothly.

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