Levi Morgan forms Organization of Professional Archery (OPA) – Announces OPA Summit Invitational for May 20-21, 2016

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Levi Morgan forms Organization of Professional Archery (OPA) – Announces OPA Summit Invitational for May 20-21, 2016

Uniontown, PA – In the world of sports, golf has the Masters, hockey has the Stanley Cup, baseball has the World Series, football has the Superbowl – and now, the sport of archery will have the Summit Invitational – the industry’s premier archery tournament featuring the sport’s greatest competitors from around the world, all shooting for guaranteed prize money. The invite-only tournament will offer three categories: Men’s Expert, Women’s Expert, and Master’s Expert (50+). Invites for each category will be limited, with 200 offered in the Men’s Expert division and 100 invites offered in both the Women’s Expert and Master’s Expert divisions.   The NEW Summit Invitational will be held May 20-21, 2016 at the historic Summit Inn and Resort, in Farmington, PA.

The 2016 Summit Invitational is a product of the newly founded Organization of Professional Archery, established by Levi and Samantha Morgan, as an effort to give back to the sport which has provided so many opportunities for them, personally. The organization’s key purpose is to bring elevated focus to professionals within the archery community and in doing so, grow interest in the sport, demand for archery-related products and services, and greater participation at all levels.

“Our goal was to create the first tournament format where the world’s best competitors from every style of archery, whether 3D, NFAA, or others, can compete on an even playing field and shoot to win,” said OPA founder and 8x ASA Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan. “We worked hard to develop a platform for competitive archery, at its highest level, which youth and adults, can aspire to reach.  Our purpose is to elevate the sport of archery to a new level.”

The OPA Summit Invitational will be set in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, at the Summit Inn and Resort.  The custom designed archery course will be skillfully etched through the beautiful wooded mountainside.  According to Morgan, shooters will face 3D targets at known distances out to 80 yards, steep angles, significant yardage cutting opportunities, target dots, and bonus rings.

“Course management will play a big part in a shooter’s success at the Summit Invitational,” said Morgan. “There will be a major risk versus reward element throughout the course; the long distance shooting, the dots, and opportunities for bonus rings will mean you can make quick gains on your competitors or you could fall behind just as easily.   It’s a format and course that will be incredibly exciting for spectators to come and watch, as well, which was also a big part of our strategy.”

In an effort to grow the sport of archery and build awareness for tournament archery opportunities of all kinds, the OPA Summit Invitational was developed to be fan friendly, regardless of archery skill level.   Spectator seating will be available at many of the toughest targets on the course so fans can watch firsthand as their favorite pros navigate the high-risk, high-reward scenarios.   In addition, great food, entertainment, and some of the industry’s favorite hunting and fishing show personalities will be on hand for a family-friendly experience.   To round out the event and add to the weekend, the tournament will also feature a full consumer show, featuring both retailers and manufacturers from across the archery industry, including Pennsylvania’s own, Lancaster Archery.

“This is a destination event for those who love to watch competitive archery at its highest level and for those who may simply love the outdoors,” said Morgan. “The Invitational wasn’t created to ‘best’ other tournaments or organizations, but actually build the sport, create more awareness about archery, overall, and increase participation in archery at all levels, whether that’s a 3D shoot at a local sportsman’s club or a national NFAA event.  And when people leave the Summit Invitation, our goal is to have spectators and industry folks, alike, both say,  ‘THAT’s what a professional archery tournament should look like and I want to see more of them.’”

For more information on the 2016 OPA Summit Invitational, please visit http://oproarchery.com .

For more information on sponsorship opportunities or consumer show space, please email: levimorganopa@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OrganizationOfProfessionalArchery

Twitter: @OProAchery https://twitter.com/OProArchery

Instagram: @OProArchery https://instagram.com/oproarchery/

ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION OF PROFESSIONAL ARCHERY:  Established by Levi and Samantha Morgan, the Organization of Professional Archery was created to provide a premier competitive platform for the recognized professionals in the sport of archery, and in doing so build awareness for the sport of archery at all levels. The OPA currently acts as the governing body of the 1st Annual Summit Invitational and future OPA tour events.

ABOUT LEVI MORGAN: World renowned archer, Levi Morgan, is a 11x World Champion, 48x National Champion, and has won the ASA Shooter of the Year title a record setting 8x in a row.  He is the Host of the popular hunting show, Name The Game, currently airing on the Sportsman Channel.  For more information please visit http://namethegametv.com .

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