What’s the thrill in reading Wisconsin hunting, fishing and trapping regulations?

Yes, hunting regulation pamphlets are not particularly interesting and exciting to read.

Even season dates, bag limits and closing times seem to be just an assembly of numbers.

But think of all those tavern arguments won and lost over definitions and subtle words and interpretations.  Now that can be exciting, expensive or rewarding.

Can you name six game birds?  If you started or ended with turkey, it’ll cost you a beer.

The definitions section of the small game regulation pamphlets says ruffed and sharp-tailed grouse, pheasant, gray partridge, bobwhite quail and crow.

Or, what kind of a license does one need to hunt unprotected species of mammals and birds?

A small game hunting license is needed to hunt unprotected species, including skunk, opossum, weasel, English sparrow, and starling.

Do jack rabbits count as part of the daily bag limit with cottontails?  Trick question. Jack rabbits are a protected species, along with flying squirrels.

Can a hunter shoot at a dog running loose in a field?  No, dogs are considered private property and are protected by law.

Exciting stuff, isn’t it?  And while you’re at it, read a few of the regular material items in the pamphlet, too. 

Not knowing some of those things could cost a lot more than a beer to your buddy.

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