Tuesday, February 7th, 2023
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

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The 'Robin Hood' shot – great shooting or just dumb luck?

While shooting my bow in the backyard recently, I knocked one item off of my bucket list: shooting a "Robin Hood".  A "Robin Hood" is when you shoot an arrow into the tip of an arrow that is already stuck in the target, splitting it. My arrow did not split clear down the middle as in the traditional tale of the legendary archer whom this feat is named after; however, it did split my knock in half and split the top of the arrow. I was quite stunned when I heard the crack.

I had seen my Dad do this numerous times and my husband even shot one last year, so I knew it could be done, but it still came as a surprise to me. It was a surprise that was both delightful and disappointing at the same time.

I had done it, but my arrow was ruined!

While making the shot did put a little spring in my step, it was by no means the result of awesome shooting. I think it was a lot of luck and a little bit of form. That day I was working on my form and being consistent with every shot. I was not worrying about where my arrow was hitting the target, but the manner in which it was getting there. I focused on taking my time, aiming, slowly squeezing the trigger of my release, and continuing to aim long after my arrow had left the bow.

The result was a very productive practice, a now useless arrow, and a story I can share. I still have a ways to go before bow season, but I am making progress.

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