Increase in Pennsylvania wild-trout streams provides evidence of clean water

Names like Birch, Shamona and Neifert creeks are on the list. Designations with monikers such as Bradley, Antis, Bullet and Holt Runs, to name only a few, plus numerous unnamed tributaries are also listed. They are, indeed, a part of the 54 “Wild Trout Streams” recently added to the ever increasing list the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission determines to be naturally reproducing wild-trout waters.

In so many different ways, this is good news.

Perhaps the most significant aspect regarding this news is that it takes colds, clean water to support a wild-trout population. And as the list of these self-supporting waterways grows, the basic realization should be that of acknowledging that somewhere, someone is doing something right.

Along with the sun and breathable air, clean water is one of life’s most basic requirements for survival. In today’s world, with the constant news reports of pollution of earth, air and water, it is somewhat reassuring to know that clean streams, surrounded by forest and field, survive in so many areas of our state. It should also be just as reassuring that there are people and organizations working to assure these areas are increased and protected.

To the fisherman, the listing of self-sufficient and dynamic trout waters should be extremely important and refreshing news too.

The thought of being able to do a little hiking to a stream one knows to hold colorful and easily spooked wild trout, and cast to these untamed and naturally occurring fish in an attempt to outwit one, should bring feelings of contentment – knowing these places are out there – and the contemplation of a welcome challenge.

There are still about 700 possible streams listed and waiting for Fish & Boat personnel to determine if they, too, can be added to the inventory of “Wild Trout Streams.” If even half of them could make it, what a huge expanse of land and water that would be, and how lucky that would be for we people living here.

And perhaps best of all, making the commission’s wild-trout stream lists means that they will be protected for a long, long time!

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