Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Texas response to CWD discovery puzzling

When the people of Wisconsin were told by a consultant from Texas – Dr. James Kroll, Gov. Scott Walker's deer czar – that, “We believe it is time to consider a more passive approach to CWD in the DMZ,” there were mixed reactions. 

What is puzzling is comparing Kroll's position with the way that the state of Texas’ Parks and Wildlife Department executive director responded to that state's own CWD problem recently.

In a July 1 news release from Austin, Texas, relating to chronic wasting disease detected in a Medina County captive deer, the public was told, in part, “This is a terribly unfortunate development that we are committed to addressing as proactively, comprehensively, and expeditiously as possible.  The health of our state’s wild and captive deer herds, as well as affiliated hunting, wildlife, and rural based economics, are vitally important to Texas hunters, communities, and landowners.”

A Texan’s-to-Wisconsin advice and a Texan’s-to-Texas advice came from two different sources, but shouldn’t we still question why the two recommendations were so different?

Or is it a case of Wisconsin politicians getting the advice they wanted to hear and Texas getting a concerned-for-the-future recommendation?

Politics and wildlife disease biology make very incompatible bedfellows.


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