Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – July 17th, 2015

Lake White (333 acres; Pike County) – Largemouth and spotted bass may be a little harder to catch this time of year, but they can still be found in the lake. Pay particular attention to visible structure. Artificial lures such as rubber worms, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits work well. The riprap face of the dam and boat docks are good areas to try. For channel catfish, try fishing chicken livers or nightcrawlers on the bottom. Night fishing is popular with anglers. A great area to target is the upper part of the lake near where Pee Pee Creek enters the lake, especially after a rain.

Monroe Lake (39 acres; Monroe County) – Bluegills and crappies can both be reeled in on live bait, such as minnows, red worms, waxworms, and meal worms. For channel catfish, nightcrawlers fished tightline on the bottom are usually successful. Night fishing is popular during the summer to take advantage of cooler temperatures.

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