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Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Northwest Pennsylvania Fish Report – July 17th, 2015

Lake Erie —Perch hadn’t schooled up in big packs as of June 29, but some limits were reported in 53 feet off Walnut Creek, as weather conditions allowed. Perch also were reported off Trout Run in 42 feet and off Elk Creek in 35 to 42 feet. 

The closer to shore, yellow perch anglers also were catching silver bass, drum, and white perch, but reported the yellow perch in shallower water were on average larger than those in the deeper water. 

Anglers were still catching some walleyes off beaches at night. Anglers trolling plugs were catching walleyes in 30 to 45 feet between Walnut and the Ohio state line. Slow-trolling or drifting crawler harnesses also was productive, with blue and pink blades in 30 feet effective. 

Walleyes were scattered in deeper water. Some were reported in 15 to 35 feet, but big schools hadn’t moved in by late June. On the east side, out of North East Marina, the walleye bite was improving by June 28 as waters warmed. 

Bites were reported in 42 to 52 feet on lead core with crawler harnesses. Orange in willow leafs fished on or close to the bottom was effective. Lead core also was taking fish off the boards. 

The east side perch bite was heating up on minnow rigs in 42 to 52 feet; some above-average sizes were reported by anglers moving in a slow drift. Bass were moving off-shore to 28 to 42 feet. A few lake trout were still hitting in 105 feet, but the bite was very slow.

Presque Isle Bay, Erie tributaries — Smallmouths were still being caught at the end of June, and biting topwater baits in the mornings and evenings. Anglers bouncing big jigs off the North and South piers also reported success. Perch were hitting minnows and shiners, and catfish were biting crawlers on the bottom at night.

Erie tributaries — A few smallmouth bass remained, particularly in Elk, at the end of June, but most were heading back to the lake. Streamers in a variety of colors were productive, as were crawlers, leeches, shiners and crayfish. 

Lake LeBoeuf (Erie County) — Crappies and northern pike were reported. 

Segal Marsh (Erie County) — Bass and catfish were hitting at the spillway. 

Edinboro Lake (Erie County) —Bass, northern pike, panfish and some small walleyes were reported. 

Union City Reservoir (Erie County) —Nice catches of bass, crappies and perch were reported in the lake, while the outflow was yielding northern pike through the end of June.

French Creek (Erie, Mercer, Venango, Crawford counties) —Constant rain at the end of June left conditions high and muddy. A muskie angler reported catching a huge flathead catfish that pulled loose from the plug.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) —Walleyes and catfish were reported, with anglers doing well on red and gold double-willow crawler harnesses and others getting bites jigging crawlers around weedbed edges, or trolling Hot-n-Tots in deeper water. 

Some anglers were limiting out on walleyes. A few muskies up to 38 inches were released by anglers trolling for walleyes. On June 29, the lake temperature 10 feet down was 75 degrees, which was a little cooler than usual for this time of year. 

Some anglers were catching nice bluegills in 8 to 10 feet just outside the bays, with waxworms on small (1⁄32-ounce) jigheads productive. Some bluegills were still spawning. 

The river below the dam was yielding a few nice walleyes and catfish. Some crappies were reported, but not in their deeper summer spots. Most were hitting in two to 12 feet on swimming minnow jigs in bluegrass or screamer colors. 

Conneaut Lake (Crawford County) —Heavy rainfall in June left this natural lake with high water as of July 1.

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) — This natural lake was yielding numbers of crappies, as conditions allowed. Before storms rolled in late in June, one angler did well off the dock fishing live minnows and plastic worms. 

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — Good bluegill fishing along the shore out to about 15 feet was reported June 29, while nice crappies were hitting off the fishing pier in 4 to 6 feet. Walleyes were biting in around 15 feet between Access Nos. 3 and 4 and by James Run. 

One angler reported catching a 27-inch walleye on Father’s Day. Big bass were hitting. One that hit on a crankbait weighed 6-plus pounds. Others hit jigs fished near wood. Brown bullheads also were biting.

Shenango River Reservoir (Mercer County) — Water was very high, even up over the banks, through late June. Small crappies were reported by shore anglers. Most boat ramps were expected to remain closed through at least July 4. 

Lake Justus (Venango County) — A 6-pound, 15-ounce smallmouth bass was reported on a bluegill June 29. Trout continued to hit through the end of the June at this Two Mile Park impoundment.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — High, muddy water made for near-impossible conditions through the end of June, although a couple of catfish anglers were trying their luck. Water had dropped nine degrees to 63 degrees as of July 1. 

Kahle Lake (Venango County) —Largemouth bass up to 17 inches were reported July 1, along with yellow perch, bluegills, and crappies

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