Pennnsylvania among country’s most ‘outdoorsy’ for hiking, fishing, floating

I have to admit, I don’t put a lot of stock in national “lists” that rank states, parks or streams because they are usually naïve ratings put together by folks who don’t really know what they are talking about. And really, how could they? The country is so big, and ranking things like hunting, fishing and hiking in different states is often comparing apples and oranges.

But it gets your attention when a listing ranks your state very highly. And for what it’s worth, Retale ranked Pennsylvania third in the country in its recent “outdoorsy” list –

“Many different elements make a state ‘outdoorsy,’ according to the popular shopping app. “From the number of recreational hiking trails to the number of campgrounds; from fly-fishing waters to rock-climbing locations to sailing schools — everything was analyzed using critical data sets to determine the most ‘outdoorsy’ states.”

Pennsylvania’s mountains, Retale says, offer an incredible diversity in landscapes, promoting ever-changing climates: springs grow into vibrant, but humid summers, and Septembers fold neatly into orange and red Octobers.

“Pennsylvania’s gleaming, blue-skied winters allow for long days skiing in the Blue Ridge or Pocono Mountains, whilst its sticky summers fuel long days hiking through the Appalachian Trail, kayaking down the Susquehanna River, or camping at favorite state parks, such as Black Moshannon, Hickory Run or Canoe Creek.”

Pennsylvania, based on Retale’s rating system, is second nationally for most national recreation trails, has the third highest number of fly-fishing waters, the ninth most kayaking arenas, and a plethora of state parks, rock climbing locations, and summer camps.

It’s all true.

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