White sucker record toppled [Photo]

Bath, N.Y. — It’s not the most glamorous of fish, but a state record is a state record.

And that’s exactly what a 5-pound, 8-ounce white sucker caught by a Steuben County angler in April turned out to be.

Joshua Wegner of Bath landed the 24-inch white sucker on April 14 while fishing Cold Brook. He caught the fish on a night crawler.

He then submitted the fish, including a certified weight, for consideration as a state record under DEC’s Angler Achievement Awards Program. 

Through this program, anglers can enter freshwater fish that meet specific qualifying criteria and receive official recognition of their catch and a distinctive lapel pin commemorating their achievement. The three categories that make up the program are: Catch & Release, Annual Award and State Record.

Wegner’s catch topped the previous state mark by five ounces. The previous record was a 5-pound, 3-ounce white sucker caught in 1994. 

White suckers can be found in a variety of habitats throughout New York state, with the exception of Long Island. Despite their widespread distribution, they’re not often targeted by anglers and are typically caught in the spring by trout anglers. 

White suckers are bottom dwellers, primarily feeding on insects, snails and clams. In the spring they move up shallow, swift-moving streams to spawn. 

White suckers often fall prey to eagles and osprey, as well as larger predatory fish.  

For complete details of the Angler Achievement Awards Program, including a downloadable entry form, as well as the New York State Freshwater Fishing Records, visit www.outdoornews.com/links.

For additional information on the Angler Achievement Awards Program contact (518) 402-8891 or email fwfish@dec.ny.gov.

Wegner’s newly listed state record is also posted on the New York Fish & Wildlife App, a free mobile app now available for free download in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market for use on iPhone and Android devices.

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