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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – June 12th, 2015

Region I – Captain Laura Petreikis
CPO Posateri completed a boat safety inspection with an operator at Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area. The Kewanee man was found to be in violation of having no fishing license, no valid boat registration, no throwable personal flotation device (PFD), no horn or whistle and no fire extinguisher. The operator was cited for a PFD violation because he had three persons on board but only two PFDs. After the CPO explained the citation, the subject said he would just go to a private club where he didn’t have to have “all this crap.” The CPO told the operator he would still be required to have all the safety equipment on private or public waters.
Two anglers were fishing in White Pines State Park when CPO Beltran questioned them about their fishing licenses; they lied and said they were not fishing. Citations were issued and the fishermen apologized afterwards for fishing – and lying.
CPO Palumbo issued multiple citations and written warnings to two Tampico men and one Prophetstown man for unlawfully possessing smallmouth bass during the catch- and-release-only season, and for fishing with no license. This occurred on Coon Creek near the Rock River. The smallmouth bass were released back to waters.
CPO Finn received a call of a German shepherd dog hanging around the Miller Anderson Woods Nature Preserve. The dog had been there for two days. The dog was a female and appeared to have given birth recently, and was acting aggressively towards anyone who parked nearby. CPO Finn located the dog and called Bureau County Animal Control. The dog was caught and removed. No puppies were located within Miller Anderson Woods Nature Preserve.
CPO Wire checked individuals fishing along the Illinois River. He checked a young Boy Scout who was fishing in the rain. His group had caught a few fish, but he had not. After a short time period, the young boy caught his first fish. CPO Wire showed him how to remove it from the hook and hold it by mouth. The young Scout then held up the fish perfectly for a photograph.
CPO Kaufman responded to a call of a gun being fired in Illinois Canyon parking lot at Starved Rock State Park. The caller stated three individuals were in the parking lot shooting and yelling. The caller stated she was afraid to walk out to the parking lot and would stay out of sight until CPO Kaufman arrived. When he arrived, several vehicles were in the parking lot, but no one was around. CPO Kaufman located a bag of potatoes and a potato gun in the back of one vehicle. CPO Kaufman walked into the canyon and found the caller. She told him that three individuals, young men in their 20s, had walked into the canyon past her. CPO Kaufman found the men in a restricted area of the canyon, and several citations were issued.
While checking fishermen at Rock Cut State Park, CPO Fraser observed a man and a woman fishing near another man who was using his phone. When asked to see fishing licenses, the man was unable to produce one. The woman advised CPO Fraser that the man was not fishing; he was only holding the pole so the man with the phone could take pictures of him fishing. CPO Fraser advised the man that he had been watching him fish for several minutes and did not believe the story. The man was issued a citation for having no fishing license.
CPO Alt patrolled Pierce Lake, Lake Summerset, Four Lakes, Lake Victoria and the upper Pecatonica River in Winnebago County by boat for compliance to the boat safety act and fish code. Violations detected and documented included: fishing without a fishing license, fishing without a license in possession, fishing while fishing privilege revoked for child support violation, unlawful operation of watercraft without water usage stamp, un-numbered watercraft, insufficient number of wearable PFDs, unsecured batteries on watercraft, and fire extinguisher not in serviceable condition.
CPO Frichtl responded to a citizen’s complaint that a fledgling bald eagle had been killed during a fall from a nest. The fledgling was positively identified as an American bald eagle, and it was transferred to the custody of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins
CPO Kelley issued a written warning to an individual for taking rabbits out of the wild and trying to save them from being killed by crows. The individual had tried to find a rehabilitator before attempting to raise the rabbits.
CPO Vadbunker responded to a call for service generated by the Iroquois Sheriff’s Department regarding subjects hunting without permission. Subsequent investigation revealed that three Mississippi subjects had taken three turkeys without having permits or hunting licenses, and had taken one of the three turkeys without permission from the landowner. Charges filed include: hunting on two different properties without permission, hunting without valid non-resident hunting licenses, hunting without valid turkey permits and possessing uncased firearms.
CPO Wollgast and CPO Vadbunker interviewed a woman regarding deer harvest in White County. It was found that her juvenile grandson and nephew were using her permits. The investigation is continuing.
CPO Anderson conducted patrols at Mazonia FWA. He issued a fisherman a citation for violating posted closing hours and issued a different fisherman a warning for the same violation. He issued three warnings to boaters/fishermen for boat safety and fishing violations.
CPO Mieure and CPO Vadbunker conducted a fishing detail from a boat on the Kankakee River and issued one citation for not having required PFDs on the boat, with warnings issued for over-capacity, no valid registration, and no type 4 throwable PFDs.
CPO Vadbunker made three drug arrests while checking fishermen and boaters along the Kankakee River. The subjects were also cited for having no fishing licenses and for boating safety violations.
CPO Mieure responded to an open burn site where a fire had spread and caught some farm implements on fire, along with some old tires. One written warning was issued for a violation of the Environmental Safety Act.
While patrolling Busse Lake, CPO Smith issued one citation for fishing without a valid fishing license, two written warnings for improper display of rental boat decal, one written warning for too many devices while fishing, one written warning for fishing license not in possession and one written warning for fishing without a valid fishing license.
CPO Whitchurch observed two subjects fishing at a Cook County inland lake. When CPO Whitchurch approached the subjects and requested to see fishing licenses, both subjects immediately told the CPO that they were not 18 years of age and therefore did not need to have fishing licenses. CPO Whitchurch asked both subjects how old they were. One of the subjects provided three different ages. CPO Whitchurch informed both subjects that any person 16 years of age or older needed to possess a valid fishing license in order to lawfully fish in Illinois unless they were exempt by other laws. When CPO Whitchurch requested the subject’s personal information, one of the subjects paused when providing year of birth. CPO Whitchurch was able to establish the identity of the person who was not being truthful about their date of birth. It turned out the subject was actually 18 years of age. Both subjects were issued citations for fishing without valid licenses.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes
Sgt. Williamson worked with Clinton Lake staff to address the issue of trail use before 1 p.m. during turkey season. Sgt. Williamson had rescued a Boy Scout group that was about three miles from their vehicle and was on the trails illegally. Sgt. Williamson educated the scouting group on where to find the dates for trail closures.
CPO Wright was checking fishermen on Lake Decatur when he noticed through binoculars two men fishing. When he approached the fishermen near their vehicle, both stated that they had not been fishing. After explaining to the two Decatur men that he had witnessed them fishing, they both stated that they did not have fishing licenses. Both were issued citations, and one was arrested on a warrant out of Mason County.
CPO Wright received a phone call from an Argenta woman stating that her son had a wild hog at his farm and was wanting to know if it was legal to kill the hog. CPO Wright explained the laws and stated that he was on his way to the farm. While on his way to the farm, the CPO received a call from the caller’s son stating that he was mistaken and it was just the neighbor’s potbelly pig.
CPO Schultz received a call of a vehicle being stuck and abandoned down a horse trail on the Middle Fork State Wildlife Area property. The truck had been driven about a half-mile down the wooded muddy trail before becoming stuck. A great deal of damage had been done to the trail, which is one of the main thoroughfares used by the horse riders at the camp. After a short investigation and a meeting the following day, the driver admitted to driving until he got stuck around midnight and leaving the truck there only to realize no one could get back there to pull him out. Multiple citations were issued and the individual will be serving community service to assist with trail repair.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul
CPO Blazinic was following up on an outfitter investigation when he observed a photo of a female claiming to have harvested an 8-point buck. CPO Blazinic’s investigation revealed the female had an “antlerless only” permit, did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp, and did not record a harvest. Upon interviewing the female, she initially admitted she shot the deer. She later changed her story and did not know anything about harvesting the deer, although she admitted to hunting with the outfitter. Upon interviewing the outfitter, he admitted he shot the deer and checked it in. He admitted to false advertising by posting the picture on his website.
CPO Blakeley received a complaint of hunting without permission in Pike County. The complainant was an outfitter. His hunter saw another hunter shoot the turkey on the property he was hunting. CPO Blakeley’s investigation revealed the hunter harvesting the turkey had a landowner’s tag. He had sold his property and the landowner’s tag was no longer valid.
CPO Swance was contacted regarding a dead bald eagle. The eagle was collected and rendered according to standards set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
CPO Cochran received information from an State Police K-9 Unit regarding the illegal harvest of a turkey in Auburn. Upon further investigation, it was discovered a juvenile had illegally harvested the turkey without a hunting license, habitat stamp or turkey permit. The juvenile was also in possession of a loaded shotgun in his vehicle without a FOID card. The father of the juvenile also admitted his son had been cited in the past for taking a Canada goose out of season. The shotgun and turkey were seized. The juvenile was cited for unlawful taking of a wild turkey without a hunting license and hunting without a valid wild turkey permit.
CPO Tapley was patrolling in the area of South Shore State Park. He came across two Corps of Engineers workers in a truck who told him they had just witnessed an older gentleman nude sunbathing in the old campgrounds. CPO Tapley made contact with the man and interviewed him about the complaint. The man said he had been nude a couple of times, but said it was to urinate or when he was changing clothes. The man said no one was around when he did both of these. CPO Tapley issued him a citation for nudity in a park. Due to the fact that CPO Tapley had several complaints over the last couple years about this particular person sunbathing nude in the park, he was evicted from the park for 90 days.
CPO French was checking fishermen in Lewis and Clark Memorial State Park. A check of a fisherman showed he was falsifying his Social Security number in order to obtain fishing licenses and hunting permits. He had been revoked for failure to pay child support for three years. After subject was arrested he informed CPO French he was relieved to have been caught because it had (falsifying his Social Security number) been weighing on his conscience.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber
CPO Johnson received a call from a subject who shot two turkeys in Saline County. The subject stated he only possessed one permit and observed one turkey when he shot. When he retrieved the bird he observed the other dead turkey. The CPO met with the subject and stressed the importance of honesty and reporting the violation himself. The subject was issued a written warning for unlawful take of turkey. The turkey was used, during a presentation to kids, to emphasize the importance of knowing your target and what is beyond.
CPOs Vasicek and Williams were called out to assist in the recovery of two submerged automobiles located at One Horse Gap Lake in the Shawnee National Forest. One vehicle contained a local man missing since December of 2014, the other unrelated vehicle was believed to have been dumped and abandoned in the same location years prior.
CPOs Diggins and Lay were on patrol and encountered a couple from Franklin County parked in a motor vehicle on the side of the road in a remote area. Upon speaking with the male subject, it was learned the couple was smoking cannabis prior to meeting a judge for similar violations. A search revealed 56.8 grams of cannabis. Two jars contained loose cannabis and another 40 bags were packaged for distribution. Many items of paraphernalia were located and two prescription bottles containing a controlled substance (Methylin 5mg and 10mg pills) were discovered.    Both subjects were arrested and charged with a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges including possession of cannabis 30 grams-500 grams, possession with the intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Their vehicle was towed and both subjects were jailed. The male subject was unable to make his 1 p.m. court date with the Saline County judge.
CPO Holland responded to Ramsey State Park near Ramsey in reference to a 911 caller who stated he had been threatened by a subject who inferred he had a weapon and would shoot him. Apparently, the two male subjects had been in a prior verbal altercation while fishing near the boat docks. The altercation intensified as both subjects were using swear words and made verbal threats of bodily harm. Eventually, one of the subjects made the inference of possessing a handgun and threatened to shoot the other subject. The victim drove to the park office and contacted the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, after which deputies responded, secured the scene and searched the suspect. A small amount of cannabis and paraphernalia were discovered.
CPO Smith issued a written warning to an individual for possession of a live raccoon. The raccoon was no longer at the residence located in Salem. The raccoon was picked up by the person’s ex-husband who lives in Macoupin County. Information as to the name and address of the person who now has possession of the raccoon was forwarded to the local CPO.
CPO Vasicek located and cited a turkey hunter for unlawful hunting without consent of the landowner. The subject had entered the property within 20 yards of a clearly marked boundary and had shot at, but missed, a turkey.
CPO Vasicek cited multiple individuals for fishing without permission. The landowner contacted the subjects, who fled the scene and stated that they wouldn’t be caught because they “weren’t from around here.”    The landowner obtained license plates and pictures off of cameras to assist the investigation. The subjects were caught and cited, even though they weren’t from around there.

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