Blaze anything other than orange? No need

Is there a need to tinker with Wisconsin’s very successful safe blaze orange (hunter orange) clothing record?

I don’t think so.

There’s a saying in government, politics and now outdoors activities that if one wants to understand an issue one simply has to follow the money, or in this case, look to see who will benefit from more sales and more profit.

And in this case increase the cost of getting geared up to hunt deer with a gun.

Sure, hunter pink may be cute, even trendy in some NFL and MLB games.  But I’d like to reserve pink for breast cancer awareness issues.

Let’s look at the safety data first.  Well, we haven’t seen any.  Will it stand up to fading as well as hunter orange?  What happens to the clothing safety issue when one puts a camouflage pattern on it, when it fades a bit, and when Mother Nature puts down a white, snowy backdrop?  Or in dim light?  Or when it rains?

Blaze orange does not make deer hunting a male outdoors activity.  Deer hunting makes deer hunting an outdoors activity for anyone.

Think of the pressure fashion-trendy pink might put on budget-strapped families whose daughters started hunting and now want to switch to pink.

And what about hand-me-downs in a family of mixed siblings, some males, some females?  Those issues might trump adding a few hunters.

Will the eco-friendly folks want a blaze green law in 2020?

How will our tired eyes view pink when watching for a hunter in the woods and having been trained all the while that blaze orange is a person?

Sorry, but instead of filling the pockets of clothing sales shops, sports shops and others, how about keeping deer hunting a universal activity for any age, any gender, all who wear the same safety color?

For once stop giving a deer tradition nothing but lip service, too.

Why not start with blaze pink lip balm and see how that works out?


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