Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Our family archery competition:

After work commitments interfered with my original plans, I was finally able to make it to a 3-D shoot with my husband. We set our alarm clocks for 6 a.m. on a recent Saturday and eagerly headed to a local archery club.

The trash talking started with the buzz of the alarm. He had a hard time getting out of bed, so I assumed his reluctance to wake up must have something to do with the fear of getting whipped by his wife. He argued that he was just tired and finally got up.

 The jabs and jokes continued throughout the shoot. We even shot from the same 20-yard distance just to make sure everything was fair. I must admit that at one point I became a little worried. We seemed to be neck and neck. Every time I would score low on a target, he would score high and vice versa. After publicly challenging him to a bow shoot, I really didn’t want to have to write about losing.

Lucky for me, I won.

Forty targets later, the final score was 348 to 309. He was more consistent overall, but I scored more "10's and 12's".  However, it was a good thing we were only competing against one another because neither of us did our best. This was also his first time shooting since last fall.

 While being declared the victor was pretty fun – and a relief – spending the day with my husband doing something we both enjoy was truly the best part.

As one club volunteer reminded me, “It isn’t about you outscoring him, it’s about you outscoring yourself.”

These are words spoken from a true sportsman. At the end of the day winning may feel great, but nothing can compare to the high felt after a successful hunt. And becoming a successful hunter has little to do with a scorecard and everything to do with improving your skills and being the best you can be. I may have bragging rights for now, but I still have a long way to go until fall.

As my husband often reminds me, we will see who the true winner is then.

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