Pennsylvania Spinner trout fishing primer – Part 1

My favorite stream trout fishing technique is using in-line spinning lures. Those lures will catch trout if used in almost any manner, but with the correct technique, they are difficult to top. Mepps, Roostertail, CP Swing, Blue Fox and others work well.

Actually, there is no "correct technique," but some methods are far better than others. For starters, I always fish by moving upstream. At first, this might seem foreign, but with a little time you will learn the merits.

I fish upstream – casting my spinner upstream and retrieving it downstream with the current. Why?  Trout usually face into the current, waiting for food. By fishing upstream, I present my lure in a more natural fashion, and I put myself in the trout's blind spot.

Do not use size #0 or any ultra-light spinners. Why? A heavier lure will allow you to cast farther and it will help the lure to sink down to an optimum depth. You should cast far away from yourself because it lessens the chance that the trout will see you before they see your lure. More often than not, trout feed within the water column – not on the surface. The most effective retrieve puts your spinner close to – but not on – the bottom.  If you are not getting caught on the bottom at least a few times each hour, then you are probably not fishing deeply enough.

Watch your lure as you retrieve it and also be aware of the bumps and pauses transmitted back through your line to your fishing rod. If you see or feel a trout hit your lure – SET THE HOOK. By this, I mean jerk your rod sharply backwards to stick the hook into the trout's mouth. Contrary to popular belief, very few trout hook themselves on spinners. Being aware of a hit, and setting the hook, will help you catch many more trout.

I will revisit this topic during my next few posts.  Each time, I will add more detail – the little things – that will help anyone catch more trout.  Good luck on the streams.

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