Dreadful proposal to sell federal lands must be stopped by sportsmen

Rob Drieslein, president of Outdoor News publications, posted last week on the Outdoor News website, a blog that warns both sportsmen and the general public about a recent amendment that narrowly passed the U.S. Senate, as part of a “nonbinding budget resolution,” that would in essence, give the government the ability to liquidate and transfer, about 640 million acres of federal public land.

I confess I was not aware of this action and was absolutely shocked upon reading Rob’s blog, that our “elected officials” would have such a short-sighted disregard for one America’s public land, a national treasure.

I should not have been. It seems that a great percentage of the members of Congress have lost all focus on one of the things that make America what it is, that being its unspoiled public holdings to which many members of the public depend, and which include historical possessions.

It also appears the people we voted into office have not considered the overall determination of the average citizen to ensure that they will stand strong against any and all unintelligent proceedings – especially those dealing with one of our most cherished assets, public land – politicians seem to conjure up just about every day.

As Rob points out in his blog, more information on this matter can be read in the Whit Fosburgh (CEO and President of the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership) blog on the TRCP website.

Drieslein also lists numbers to call to contact your members of the Senate to make certain you are happy with those who voted against this, and “raise hell” with those who voted in favor. This is also an opportunity to contact House members urging them to strike down this resolution when it comes to their vote on the matter.

In case you have not noticed, there seems to be a serious slant within the thinking process of those who govern this nation that public land and its usage by the populace, a healthy environment, and the funding needed to assure that both are always near the top of the list of the United States yearly requirements, are really just something they can be rid of, allowing them a new found barrel of money to waste on something unwise.

Here in Pennsylvania consider this possibility; The feds pass onto our state the ownership of the Allegheny National Forest. A couple of years down the line, this state is suffering financial hardships, and no longer has the money to manage and maintain this huge expanse of land. Along comes the “Dig Lots Of Holes Mining Company,” that buys the National Forest from the state. The company owns the land now, and posts it to keep off all hunters, fishermen and general seekers of outdoor recreation.

There won't be anything you can do about that occurrence, all because it started with someone charged with helping run the federal government who was “merely” looking for a way move money and unload 640 million acres of public land.

This is a serious matter, and I urge you to read both Rob and Whit’s blog to get a better feel for what this all means. I also urge you to contact your elected officials and implore them to stop this madness, that is, if they want to stay in office. I know I plan to contact my representative.

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