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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – March 20th, 2015

Region I – Captain Laura Petreikis

CPO Hoogerwerf spoke with a concerned citizen regarding the encroachment of an active bald eagle nest. Trees along a seasonal waterway are being cleared in the vicinity of the nest. The owner of the property has been identified and will be instructed to contact the local USFWS officer to ensure federal nest protection guidelines are followed.
In November 2014, CPO Frichtl charged a Winnebago County man with unlawfully pursuing a white-tailed deer by the aid of a motor vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor in Stephenson County. The man pleaded guilty in December 2014 and received fines totaling $952.50 and one year supervision.
CPO Palumbo issued a citation and written warnings to an Erie man for unlawfully taking a deer with a bow. This was the result of an investigation of an untagged deer with an arrow hole in it, hanging in a back yard. The deer was supposedly hit by a car; but there were no reports of a deer vehicle collision in that area, nor had the deer been checked in as a road kill in the allotted time frame.
CPO Palumbo issued a citation to a Dixon man for being in possession of an untagged 6-point buck deer head and antlers. This stemmed from an investigation of a burglary that had taken place in another county.
On New Year’s Eve, CPO Murry observed a vehicle parked in the roadway with its flashers on. After approaching the vehicle to inquire if they needed help, CPO Murry observed a male subject standing in the ditch urinating. While speaking to the driver, an open bottle of vodka was seen in the floorboard of the back seat. While contacting parents of the juveniles, one subject starting talking about suicide. That individual was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital by ambulance. Each subject was cited for illegal transportation of alcohol.
CPO Murry spoke to two individuals at Shabbona Lake State Park who were ice fishing. The subjects had no success fishing and stated that ice was approximately six inches thick. Each individual did not have their fishing license in possession and were given written warnings for the violation.
Sgt. Frazier and CPO Murry were in DeKalb when CPO Murry noticed flames on the inside of a car parked next to a house. Sgt. Frazier contacted the fire department while CPO Murry went to the door and got the occupants out of the residence. The car was a total loss by the time the fire department arrived.
CPO Wire and CPO Filipiak checked an archery hunter during the chronic wasting disease firearms season. The archery hunter failed to wear the required blaze orange during the gun deer season and was cited. The hunter is no stranger to the Conservation Police. CPO Wire recognized the hunter as one that had been arrested by the Conservation Police for possessing a weapon by a felon.
CPO Lazzell is investigating a complaint for the unlawful dumping of multiple deer carcasses into a Knox County waterway and a separate complaint for the unlawful take of a deer by aid of a motor vehicle.
CPOs Jansen and Filipiak were on patrol on the Illinois Canyon trails of Starved Rock State Park when they observed five subjects climbing in a restricted area of the trail system. During a consent search, cannabis and paraphernalia were discovered in one subject’s bag and a vaporizer and a form of cannabis commonly referred to as “wax” was discovered in another subject’s left pocket. Five citations were issued for entering a restricted area and two subjects were issued additional citations for unlawful possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, fingerprinted, and released on I-Bonds.
CPO Jansen conducted snowmobile compliance checks on the I & M Canal Trail. Three subjects were observed operating snowmobiles on the trail while the trails were closed. CPO Jansen checked with the Site Superintendent and was advised the trails would be opened shortly. Written warnings were issued for operating snowmobiles while trails were closed and were advised of the phone number to call to check on the Trail status in the future.
CPO Alt was patrolling the back roads looking for stranded motorists during below-freezing weather when he came upon an unoccupied motor vehicle with airbag deployment that had crashed into a tree. CPO Alt began searching the immediate area for any occupants in the frigid cold when he spotted a man walking several hundred yards down the road. CPO Alt noticed this man being picked up by a passing motorist, then given a ride back to the scene where he was identified as the driver of the vehicle. CPO Alt notified dispatch and had the driver warm up in his squad while waiting for a County Sheriff to arrive and report the traffic crash.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Kelley assisted CPO VanWiltenburg with a snowmobile accident on Grass Lake. A 14-year-old boy struck a dock when he lost control of his snowmobile. Two citations and four written warnings were issued to other individuals riding with the boy. All individuals were from Wisconsin and had been snowmobiling without insurance or Illinois trail stickers.
Goose Lake Prairie State Park had received complaints of firearms deer hunters hunting on the elevated railroad bed which runs through the property. CPO Wollgast issued a written warning to one hunter for walking down the railroad bed after he was done hunting and another hunter was cited for hunting a half-hour after legal hunting hours and possessing a loaded firearm on the roadway.
CPO Bergland responded to a report of a rollover snowmobile accident in Yorkville where the rider’s helmet came off. It turned out the snowmobile was just stuck and the operator had just taken his helmet off while he attempted to dig out his sled. However, it was plain to see that the operator had come closer than 10 feet from the roadway and he was cited for this violation. He was issued warnings for not having his registration or proof of insurance with him.
CPO Whitchurch was observing fishing activity near the conflux of the Calumet River in Cook County. He observed a subject catching yellow perch and appeared to be keeping every fish he caught. The subject ceased his fishing actively and packed up his fishing gear. The subject walked over to his vehicle where CPO Whitchurch caught up to him. When CPO Whitchurch informed the subject he was going to inspect his catch, the subject dumped yellow perch out of a plastic bag onto the floor of his truck behind the driver’s seat. CPO Whitchurch then observed the subject toss the plastic bag which housed the fish over to the rear passenger seat area of the truck. The subject continued to move fish around the back seat area of the truck as CPO Whitchurch ordered him to stop. CPO Whitchurch ordered the subject to remove all fish from his vehicle. The subject complied with the order. A total of 22 yellow perch were found to be in the subject’s possession. The daily limit is 15. The subject was cited on multiple counts for possessing an over limit yellow perch.
While working routine sport fishing, CPO Farber was walking through the boat launch parking lot at Waukegan Harbor when he smelled an odor of cannabis. CPO Farber observed two subjects in a car and after investigating he determined the smell of cannabis was coming from their vehicle. CPO Farber arrested the two Waukegan men for possession of cannabis less than 2.5 grams and drug paraphernalia.
CPO Gilmer checked several waterfowl hunters. He wrote two written warnings to a 16-year-old in a hunting party of juveniles and explained to the group the importance of having licenses on them, signed, and the proper stamps attached, etc.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Greuel issued a written warning to a Moweaqua man archery deer hunting in Wolf Creek State Park during firearms deer season without required blaze orange.
CPO Greuel responded to assist a Cowden man who accidently trapped a bobcat. The bobcat was taken for research purposes.
CPO Reeves received a call of two all-terrain utility vehicles chasing and shooting at a coyote. The vehicle operators had been stopped by a county deputy but had no firearms in possession and were released. They did, however, admit to running a coyote. After a short investigation, CPO Reeves and CPO Schultz interviewed all parties involved. The riders did not shoot at the coyote but did run the coyote until it hid in a culvert. Citations were issued for the harassment of wildlife.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Goetten conducted an interview regarding a subject buying a deer permit and then checking in the harvest of a white-tailed buck an hour and 10 minutes later. After a short interview, the subject admitted a neighbor shot the buck and offered it to him. He brought his deer permit and tagged it. The investigation revealed the neighbor had harvested two bucks. Enforcement action was taken for the unlawful use of another person’s permit, the unlawful take of more than two antlered deer in a season, and the unlawful take of a white-tailed deer. The second and third bucks harvested were seized.
CPOs Blakeley and Wichern were on routine boat patrol on the Illinois River in the area of Sanganois FWA when they located a Peoria man archery deer hunting near Stewart Lake. The archery hunter possessed a loaded .22-250 rifle and 9 mm handgun and he was not in possession of his 2014 deer permits. The hunter paid $1,112 in fines and court costs for the violations and was ordered to forfeit his .22-250 rifle to the DNR.
CPO Lentz met with two separate trappers who had incidental catches of bobcats. Both trappers had caught the bobcats in 220 conibear traps. CPO Lentz turned over the bobcats to wildlife biologist Kent Boyles.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPOs Lewis and Mohrman responded to a hunting without permission complaint in Franklin County. The complainant stated a group of waterfowl hunters that had been previously warned by CPO Williams was again hunting on his property. Upon arrival the hunters were observed shooting at ducks several minutes after the legal shooting hours. The hunters were cited for hunting without permission and issued written warnings for hunting after hours.
CPO Taylor was following up on a deer hunting case that occurred during the first firearms season. One witness had made two conflicting written statements. After the interview, it was determined that the violator had influenced the witness to write a second statement to benefit her. During the interview, he stated that his first statement was the truth and would be what he would testify to if brought into court.
While walking out of an area on the Shawnee National Forest in remote Jackson County, CPO Mohrman located an abandoned meth lab. CPO Mohrman was in the area checking a baited deer stand when this discovery was made. The Illinois State Police meth task force responded and removed the lab.
CPO Boston completed a deer investigation of a Marion subject. The man was cited for no valid deer permit and other written warnings were issued.
CPO Boston cited a Creal Springs subject for two deer permit violations. The man was also given written warnings on other violations. 
CPO Boston conducted compliance checks of waterfowl hunters in Williamson County. Three written warnings were issued for boating offenses.
CPO Lewis cited three waterfowl hunters at Pyramid State Park for attempting to take a Trumpeter Swan.
CPO Thompson assisted Johnson County deputy with a building search of a church after receiving alarm notice that a door had been opened. Several churches in the county had recently been burglarized. After the church had been cleared, the pastor went through and noted that some things had been moved around, but nothing was missing.
CPO Thompson assisted a Johnson County deputy with a domestic complaint. CPO Thompson had previously issued the subject citations for deer hunting violations.
CPO Mohrman and district wildlife biologist Whitton ran the property lines at the new Site W. The recently surveyed and marked property corners and boundaries on this 4,500-acre site were viewed and recorded. Also noted were areas of concern on this newly acquired property which will be addressed at future planning meetings.
CPO Mohrman located and removed an unlawful deer stand from the newly acquired Site W. The site previously known as Burning Star No. 5 was not open to any hunting.
CPO Taylor Investigated an administrative case in Crawford County for a subject killing a deer 22 minutes after he purchased a deer permit. Subject was issued a citation for unlawfully hunting deer.
CPO Lay checked five waterfowl hunters that were duck hunting together on Rend Lake. One hunter was cited for having an unplugged shotgun, another hunter was issued a written warning for not registering for HIP, and another hunter was issued a warning for not having his waterfowl stamps.

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