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Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Statewide Minnesota Fishing Report – March 6th, 2015


Smith Lake continues to produce crappies and sunfish in 12 to 18 feet. Sunfish reports have been best in 10 to 12 feet on Little Mary Lake, Lake Louise, and Lake Irene. Crappie action is best at night in 25 to 30 feet on Lake Darling, Lake Carlos, and Lake Ida.
Christopherson’s Bait and Tackle       (320) 763-3255


Crappies remain active in 14 to 18 feet during the evening hours at French Lake, Cedar Lake, Granite Lake, and Pleasant Lake. A few crappies also are being found suspended over 25 to 35 feet on Clearwater Lake. Sunfish action is sporadic with a few good-sized fish coming off Indian Lake and Clearwater in 12 to 16 feet.
Little Jim’s Bait (320) 274-5297


Crappies and sunfish are hanging around the 12- to 15-foot weeds on Fish Lake, Stalker Lake, Buchanan Lake, Blanche Lake, and West Battle Lake. Some perch are being caught with minnows on the 15-foot humps of Otter Tail Lake. Lakes such as Clitherall and Mollie Stark are worth noting for tullibees over deep water. 
Ben’s Bait Shop (218) 864-5596


Perch are hitting on the north end of Lake Bemidji in 30 to 45 feet and on Lake Plantagenet in 10 to 12 feet. Some bluegills are coming off Grant Lake in 16 feet, while Island Lake is producing crappies in 18 to 20 feet, as is Bad Medicine Lake in 30 to 32 feet – look for suspended fish. 
Taber’s Bait (218) 751-5781 


Anglers are reporting scattered perch on the 8- to 20-foot mud areas of Blackduck Lake and Island Lake. Round Lake is producing crappies during low-light periods in 18 to 20 feet, while Gull Lake, Gilstead Lake, and Lake Pimushe remain safe bets for bluegills in 15 to 22 feet. 
Timberline Sports and Tackle (218) 835-4636


Round Lake, Nisswa Lake, Roy Lake, and North Long Lake continue to kick out sunfish in 6 to 8 feet; look for green vegetation. Crappies are sitting over 15 to 30 feet on Lake Hubert, Pelican Lake, Gull Lake, and North Long. These fish are suspended and hitting glow jigs or tungsten jigs with minnows or Eurolarvae.
S & W Bait & Guide Service/Nisswa Guide League      (218) 829-7010


Crappies have started hitting on Kitchi Lake in 12 to 15 feet and Wolf Lake in 25 to 32 feet during low-light periods. Midge Lake and Grace Lake are producing bluegills in 6 to 9 feet. Perch reports indicate the bite has been “off,” but look for them to start moving into the shallow sand/grass areas of Cass Lake soon.
Sunset Cove Resort (800) 279-4831


Sunfish are hitting in 8 to 10 feet of water on Chisago Lake and North Center Lake early and late each day. Crappies remain suspended over 25 to 28 feet on Chisago or 15 to 20 feet at Green Lake, South Center Lake, and North Center.
Frankie’s Bait (651) 257-6334


There’s some evening crappie activity on Nokay Lake in 26 to 28 feet and the north end of Bay Lake in 16 to 20 feet. Sunfish action remains somewhat slow, but lakes such as Milford and Mahnomen are worth checking in 18 to 22 feet. Pennington Pit and Huntington Pit are worth noting for stream trout over 40 to 90 feet.
Oars ‘n Mine Bait and Tackle                     (218) 546-6912


Sunfish and crappies continue to relate to the 7- to 12-foot weedlines or weed patches on Upper Cormorant Lake, Floyd Lake, Severson Lake, Sour Lake, Lake Melissa, and Pelican Lake. Look for tullibees to start showing up suspended over deep water on many of the lakes that traditionally produce them late in the season.  
Quality Bait and Tackle (218) 844-2248


Hit Fish Lake for bluegills in 8 to 10 feet and crappies over 18 to 22 feet. Whiteface Lake is giving up crappies in 12 to 15 feet and a mixed bag of panfish is an option at Rice Lake in 6 feet. On Lake Superior, look for herring and coho salmon closer to shore over 25 to 35 feet and lake trout further out in 60 to 100 feet.
Chalstrom’s Bait (218) 726-0094


Ruth Lake is giving up a few sunfish in 14 to 16 feet, as is West Fox Lake in 28 to 30 feet during the morning and late afternoon hours. Crappies remain suspended and are being caught on waxworms or small minnows at Lawrence Lake and Lake Esquagamah in 20 to 23 feet.
Redding Sports and Spirits                     (218) 763-2191


Crappies, sunfish, and some perch are being caught on Lake Sissiton in 9 to 11 feet. Crappies and perch also can be had on Budd Lake in 11 to 16 feet, while Fox Lake and Amber Lake continue to give up crappies each evening in 11 feet.
Sommer Outdoors (507) 235-5225


Look to Cannon Lake for perch in 9 to 11 feet and French Lake for crappies in 17 to 24 feet. A few crappies are being caught during low-light periods at Hunts Lake in 20 feet and Shields Lake in 12 feet. The shallow weeds on Hunts Lake are producing a few sunfish as well.
Nagel’s Live Bait (507) 334-8341


Walleye action has been slow on the border lakes, with an occasional report coming off Gunflint Lake in 18 to 32 feet. Lake trout continue to hit spoons or ciscoes on Gunflint, Duncan Lake, Trout Lake, and Greenwood Lake over 45 to 65 feet. Hit Leo Lake with waxworms in 15 feet for rainbow trout and 6 to 15 feet for spake at Brule Lake and Musquash Lake. 
Buck’s Hardware (218) 387-2280


Bluegills are hitting in 16 to 22 feet on Big Splithand Lake and Grave Lake or in 7 to 12 feet on Bass Lake. Look for suspended crappies in water as deep as 35 feet at Bowstring Lake, Round Lake, Little Splithand Lake, and Big Splithand. Lake trout options remain on Bluewater Lake and Caribou Lake, while stream trout action has slowed. 
Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


There’s some evening crappie action over 28 to 32 feet on Kings Lake, Big Swan Lake, and St. Mary’s Lake. Look to Maple Lake for sunfish in 12 feet or St. Mary’s in 15 to 20 feet during the morning and early evening hours.  Nancy’s Bait & Tackle (320) 285-2405


Pleasant Lake and the bays on Woman Lake are worth noting for a few crappies and sunfish in 12 to 15 feet. The majority of crappies continue to be found suspended over 20 to 30 feet on Woman, Pleasant, Ten Mile Lake, and Birch Lake. 
Swanson’s Bait and Tackle                     (218) 675-6176


Although the weather has been better this week, fishing pressure and reports have remained limited since the walleye season closed. Crappies and bluegills have been tough to find, according to the few people fishing them. 
Lucky 7 General Store (218) 254-7168


Anglers are finding crappies and sunfish in 22 to 28 feet off the points on Lake Washington. Church Bar on Madison Lake is kicking out crappies at night in 22 to 30 feet, while Big Jefferson Lake is giving up crappies and perch in 22 to 28 feet of water once again this week. 
The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


Ramsey Lake is producing some crappies in 12 to 18 feet, as is Eagle Lake in 18 to 22 feet. Look for crappies at night in 20 to 22 feet and sunfish during the day in 18 feet on Little Maple Lake. A few crappies can be had late at night with glow jigs and minnows on Granite Lake in 22 to 32 feet. 
Monticello Bait & Tackle (763) 295-1187


Hit Knife Lake at night for crappies and sunfish during the day in 8 to 12 feet. Fish Lake and Ann Lake also are worth checking for sunfish in less than 9 feet, but these bites have been less consistent.
Jerry’s Sport & Bait Shop (320) 679-2151


With the walleye season now closed along the Minnesota/South Dakota border, perch have become an even bigger point of interest on Big Stone Lake. The bite has been sporadic, with some good days and some slower days, from Rocky Ledge to Hartford Beach or the Peninsula to the islands in 12 to 14 feet of water.
Artie’s Bait (320) 839-2480 


Crappies remain suspended over 28 to 32 feet on Island Lake and Big Mantrap Lake. Blacksmith Lake and Long Lake (North) remain options for rainbow trout. Hit Fish Hook Lake, Straight Lake, and the Crow Wing Chain of Lakes for bluegills in 10 to 14 feet.
Delaney’s (218) 732-4281
Smokey Hills Outdoors (218) 237-5099


Crappies are hitting in 22 to 28 feet and you’ll find sunfish in 12 to 14 feet on Rush Lake, Star Lake, Lake Marion, and Big Pine Lake. Tullibee action has been slow to develop, but a few are being found suspended in 30 feet or more on Loon Lake and Long Lake. Small spoons or flashers tipped with waxworms are working best.
Gene’s Sport Shop (218) 346-3355


Jigs tipped with plastics or minnows are producing walleyes and sauger below the dam on the Mississippi River in 6 to 15 feet. Look to the deeper channel during the day and shorelines during low-light periods. Sucker minnows continue to produce northern pike in the backwaters and harbor areas off the river for ice fishermen. 
Four Seasons Sports (651) 388-4334


Some rainbow trout are being caught just below the ice on Foster-Arend Pond and Kalmar Reservoir is giving up sunfish and crappies in 6 feet. For the most part, panfish activity has been limited.  
Hooked on Fishing (507) 282-4982


Panfish reports continue to be inconsistent on most lakes. Look to Horseshoe Lake, Cedar Island Lake, and Lake Koronis for a few crappies in 25 to 32 feet. Pearl Lake is giving up some sunfish and crappies in 12 to 14 feet as well. 
Mike’s Bait and Tackle (320) 453-2248


Hit the north end of Lake Osakis with grass shrimp for sunfish in 16 to 20 feet. You’ll also catch crappies on Osakis in Town Bay in 20 to 24 feet and off Battle Point in 30 to 38 feet of water. Big Sauk Lake and Long Bridge Lake are options for crappies as well during the evening hours.
Bait Shop (320) 352-2155


The Glenwood end of Lake Minnewaska is giving up a few sunfish and crappies in 12 to 14 feet. There’s some evening crappie action on the east end of Lake Reno in 10 to 12 feet as well. 
Minnewaska Bait and Tackle               (320) 239-2239


Fishing pressure remains light, especially for panfish. There are some options for rainbow trout on the Gilbert Pit, Ore-B-Gone Pit, and Mott Pit. Small spoons tipped with waxworms or plastics are working best.
Lucky Seven General Store                 (218) 741-3617


Northern pike have put on the feedbags with good reports west of the Swift Ditch with sucker minnows or ciscoes on this end of Lake of the Woods. Walleyes and sauger are being caught in 18 to 21 feet on the south tip of Buffalo Bay, Five Mile Reef, and DNR Reef. Generally, most reefs are holding fish with the morning and late afternoon hours providing more consistent action.
Riverside Bait & Tackle 
(218) 386-1200


Diamond Lake is producing crappies and sunfish in 15 to 25 feet and Eagle Lake is worth hitting for perch, crappies, and sunfish in 18 to 25 feet. Green Lake continues to kick out panfish in 15 to 30 feet, while Norway/Games Lake, Willmar/Foot Lake, and Nest Lake are giving up panfish in 14 to 18 feet.
Brad’s 71 Bait and Sports 
(320) 235-4097


Sunfish and crappies remain active on Lake Winona in 20 to 25 feet and Bartlett’s Lake is giving up panfish in 20 feet. Look for saugers below the dams on the Mississippi River and northern pike continue to be caught in the back sloughs off the main river channel. 
West End Bait (507) 452-6241

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