The toughest angling decision: When to leave fish… for fish!

We’ve all been there: The stars have aligned for your personal fishing formula for success, and it looks absolutely prime. You’re catching a few fish in an obvious location. But could it be better?

What I’m about to explain works for any kind of fishing – summer or winter. If I’m catching a few fish – and this applies to all species, walleyes, panfish, bass, or pike – I force myself not to become complacent with simply OK success. Yeah, maybe I can hang in there and catch a few more fish… but probably not too many more.

The solution: Have a pre-planned second spot. Try going to that different honey hole on that water body, and you’ll find many times it will outproduce where you started. Maybe you’ll catch more fish and/or maybe bigger ones.

And you know what? If it doesn’t work, go back to the original starting point. Does this approach always enhance success? No, but many times it will. 

Bottom line, so often we’re just happy with results, but maybe we can catch more by relocating. But do not just move for the sake of moving. Move smart and to spots where you believe there will be fish. 

Worst case, you might find a new, more productive location for future fishing!

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