Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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See the advantage to in-person registration of game?

Wisconsin’s lake sturgeon spearing season ended a few days ago.  All 2,158 fish were registered at in-person registration stations near the lakes where spearing took place.

We know exactly what was taken, how many, how large, what sex.  Thousands of other spearers and interested parties looked on as the fish came in.

Media had immediate access to the spearers.  Photographs, stories, first-person accounts of the experiences were flying across the state and beyond.

What a boost to the recreation, to the knowledge of the activity for those who wanted to learn, to understand, to complain, or to protest.

This was a wide open process.  Few question the results.  The resource is better managed.  There will probably be no major rule changes in years to come.

There should be very few concerns about ethics of the activity and probably won’t be.

Contrast that with what Wisconsin will have in place starting this fall for our deer seasons.

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