Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Wisconsin Turkey Hunting Seminar Time

Most spring turkey hunters probably had their fill with turkey hunting seminars years ago.  But this is a good time to re-evaluate  that assumption.

Some of the good sages, those who have been talking to us for 25 years, the ones who spend as much time in the fields and forests as they do behind a lectern, seem to be ready to give it a go again.  And they’re promising less of the same old direction and more of “tell me what your questions are” kind of thing.

Several other reasons for giving seminars a look-see is that we forgot what’s important and what’s not when it comes to enjoying pursuing a gobbler.

Steer clear of those new call seminars, those who are going to tell us about a new call or calling device.  Rush to those that promise fine tuning your hunt and calling.  Rush to those who are going to tell us that turkeys can be hunted after 9 a.m.

We heard so many almost unbelievable claims about what turkeys could, would and can’t do.  Some of those claims are now out the turkey blind window.  Sure, movement is still near the top of the list of most common mistakes, but camouflage patterns are pretty much "pick what’s pretty."  Most of them work, but none of them work if you move.

Read the turkeys’ reactions now, rather than looking to see what hunting period it is.  The old adage that turkeys will be turkeys still applies from mid-April to late May. Don't worry about what season it is, go hunting and let the turkeys tell you what to do.

Some seminar leaders are so bold as to suggest sitting in a blind, without a gun, and just watch what birds do in areas where you hunt.  Maybe that’s why archers often end up being better gun hunters than those who never pick up a bow.

The once popular Department of Natural Resources turkey seminar series has gone by the wayside, but there are still many turkey clinics put on by sport shops, shorting shows and expos, and other groups.

Find out a bit about the seminar before you sign up or drive 50 miles, though. Make sure it's going to match your interests.

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