Friday, February 3rd, 2023
Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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Try hunting shed antlers from a higher point of view, possibly horseback

I had to stop a vehicle to pick up the last several dropped antlers that I found.  Some were while driving in a pickup, some while on an ATV or UTV.

None of these were planned.  It just happened that when cutting firewood, mowing with a brush cutter or just turning around in a field road or driveway, I happened to look down at the right time in the right place.

I suspect I may have found one or two of those sheds had they punctured a tire, but most were off to the side of the trail or road.

One antler was dropped about April Fool’s Day.  I had made several trips through a woods while pulling a wood splitter.  On one of the last trips, there it was, so I knew it was dropped after a certain date in late March.

It occurred to me that being elevated just a little bit gives an added advantage while searching for shed antlers.  I know that to be the case with morels, too, because it’s common knowledge that morel gatherers like to make at least one pass through an area walking uphill, not down.

Rattlesnake “hunters” have told me and shown me the same thing.

So, in those situations where it is safe, why not look while atop an ATV or tractor?

The other day I saw a man on horseback crisscrossing a field of corn stubble.  I was sure the moment that I saw him what he was up to.

Sure enough, when I stopped and spoke with him, that’s what he was doing, although the rider said his horse was acting up and it wasn’t working that well this time, but he had been successful finding antlers using this method in the past.

Corn fields, pastures and hay fields should work fine, but stay out of the woods.  An overhanging limb could knock a rider for a loop.

Most shed hunters have heard of using dogs to find shed antlers, too.  Dogs do give shed hunters the added advantage of an animal with a good nose.  A dog can also retrieve an antler.

If exercise is the principle purpose, of course, us your own legs.

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