Attention Wisconsin Deer Hunters interested in Deer Trustee Report rule hearings!

While attending the Deer Trustee Report (DTR) rule package hearing Jan. 22 in Schofield, I was shocked to learn that meeting attendees would be asked to vote in favor of, or in opposition to, the ENTIRE DTR package – not just the changes offered for the permanent rule.

We were informed that this meeting would be “legislative in nature” and that if the number of votes in opposition to the DTR emergency rule package (those used in 2014 seasons) was greater than the number of votes in favor, the entire 2014 DTR Emergency rule package would be thrown out, in entirety. Wisconsin’s deer hunting rules and season framework would then return to those of 2013 prior to the Kroll report rules being put in place for 2014.

Nobody in attendance that night had any idea that this would be the case. This voting opportunity was not included in the DNR's press releases leading up to the round of hearings. Nor is this question listed as part of the DNR's online DTR survey.

So, the 20-something hunters who showed up for the meeting last Thursday night in Schofield voted on the fates of deer hunters statewide

A wiser man once told me that government works for those who show up. Three opportunities remain for you to choose your fate;

Monday, Jan. 26
    Waukesha – DNR Service Center, Room 151 (West entrance), 141 NW Barstow St.; and
    Spooner – Spooner DNR Service Center, Community Room, 810 West Maple St.

Tuesday, Jan. 27
    Rhinelander – James Williams Middle School auditorium, 915 Acacia Lane.

If you care about deer hunting in Wisconsin, it’s time to show up or shut up!

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