Don’t mess with Mother Nature: Too much litter in the great outdoors!

Jason RevermannIt’s hard to go very far in any direction without seeing garbage when recreating out-of-doors. Most of this garbage is intentionally tossed. What are people thinking when they throw stuff out their car window, and where do they think this stuff goes?

I see garbage cans everywhere. At the entrance of most businesses, you’ll see a trash can just waiting for your refuse, yet people believe it’s OK to throw their trash out on the highway a mile before their destination. If you’re going home, then throw your garbage away when you get there!

There are too many slob hunters and fisherman out there. I see every public lake access or parking lot on public hunting land littered with garbage. Some of these slobs claim to be great outdoorsmen, but they use the great outdoors as a giant garbage dump. Please show some respect!

In winter, when lakes are frozen, some of these slobs will just throw their garbage on the ice, or bury it in the snow. Really! Does that make sense? Where do these morons think this stuff will go? They are standing on frozen water and they bury their garbage in powdered frozen water. Guess what happens when the ice melts. Look at the bottom of too many of our lakes with an underwater camera and you’ll find out.

Then there’s the smokers. Not all, but too many smokers use the great outdoors as a huge ashtray and toss their butts anywhere they choose. How many times are you cruising down the interstate at night and then you see sparks spread everywhere as a butt hits the pavement?  It’s bad enough you want to pollute your own body. Keep it to yourself!

Please take a moment and clean up after yourself. You don’t have to go very far out of your way to find something just laying around. Everyone has heard the following phrase, but how many people actually follow through?

“Always leave it better than you found it!”

So please before you toss that next piece of trash out your window, think twice. Where is this going to end up?  And who is going to clean it up? It’s a simple matter of right and wrong.


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