Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

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Central New York Fishing Report – November 28th, 2014

Lake Ontario: Tributary fishing for brown trout and steelhead has been picking up before the snow. Egg sacs, egg patterns and Woolly Buggers can all be productive. 
Oneida Lake: The shore walleye bite continued to be dependable. Casting stick baits or crankbaits just before and after dark was producing some good catches of walleye. 
Oswego River: Steelhead and brown trout were being caught and a couple of Atlantic salmon have been reportedly taken as well, but that was before the lake-effect snows arrived. So check the weather and river conditions before you go. If you do make it out, try egg sacs, skein, egg-imitating plastics and flies.
Salmon River: Check the weather and water conditions on the heels of the lake-effect snows of last week. Steelhead were scattered throughout the river but were being a bit finicky, so it will take some work, patience, and moving around to catch one – if you’re able to get out. Good baits for the steelhead have been egg sacs, streamers, Woolly Buggers, stoneflies and egg-imitating flies and plastics. 
Sodus and Irondequoit bays: Yellow perch are being caught in water over 20 feet deep by jigging minnows or small plastic grubs.

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