Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Snowed up: Think white camouflage for archery whitetail success in December

As we creep into the end of November and the beginning of December I start to feel treestand burnout. Big game seasons started months ago, and my desire to freeze my tail off in a treestand now starts to wane. I do, however, love something about the late-season that is truly specific to certain hunting conditions: snow camo.

Having spent a fair amount of time hunting in different patterns of snow camo, and just as importantly hunting with snow-camo-clad hunters, I can safely say there is no better condition-to-pattern situation. White on white just works, and while there are plenty of top-notch patterns for all seasons, there is something consistently better about snow camouflage on a snowy landscape.

If you’re using your green- and brown-based earlier season camouflage to bowhunt the waning days of the season, consider at least investing in a lightweight outer layer of snow camo. Not only is it ideal for cozying up on the ground in a still-hunting or natural ground blind setting, but it translates very well to treestand hunting considering most of the leaves are gone and any deer peering up into the trees is bound to get an eyeful of white.

This makes snow camouflage truly versatile this time of year. Of course this also goes for anyone with a muzzleloader tag as well, although you’ll have to don the legal amount of blaze orange over your snow camo. I’m a firm believer that situation helps conceal a hunter’s shape and movements.

If your hunting grounds are blanketed in white and you’re interested in filling a late-season tag, get yourself some snow camouflage. Your chances of avoiding the eyes of all of the four-legged survivors will increase, I promise.

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