Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Metro Area Fishing Report – November 14th, 2014


With the exception of some limited river fishing reports, angling activity has come to an end. Look for the small, shallow lakes to cap with ice within the next week if the wind settles down and it gets as cold as expected. 

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Deer hunting reports have varied, although the general theme is that hunter success is down compared to most years. A few new ducks have moved into the area and fishing action has been put on hold until ice forms. 

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Deer hunting success varied opening weekend, but it seems most groups got a deer or two. The bigger bodies of water are holding a mixed bag of divers and mallards. There is some ice starting to form on the ponds, shorelines and small bays, and with the snow earlier this week, fishing is done until walkable ice forms. 

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About 10 inches of snow hit this area and with an exception of a few anglers fishing on local rivers, angling pressure has been non-existent. Waterfowl hunters have had a banner week with geese, divers and northern mallards more plentiful now than they’ve been all season. Deer hunting reports have been poor with less than 10 registered and mostly dismal reports from hunters as far as deer movement. 

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A few people continue to fish the Mississippi River, but with 10 inches of new snow, most anglers have put the gear away and are waiting for ice. Opening day of the deer season was much slower than last year with strong winds blamed for the limited success. Hunters seemed to do better on Sunday and Monday.

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