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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – November 14th, 2014

Region I

Responding to a TIPS complaint of illegal baiting of deer and hunting without permission, a District 6 CPO located the suspect hunting from the treestand. While conducting an investigation, the CPO discovered the hunter from Ohio didn’t have an Illinois hunting license, Illinois habitat stamp or Illinois archery deer permit. These violations were in addition to hunting without permission, unlawfully attempting to take deer by the aid of bait and criminal damage to property for cutting a tree branch on the complainant’s property. The CPO issued citations for attempting to take deer by the aid of bait, hunting without permission and archery hunting without obtaining an Illinois non-resident archery permit and written warnings for not having an Illinois hunting license, not having an Illinois habitat stamp and criminal damage.
A District 6 officer responded to a TIPS complaint of two fishermen taking short walleye on the Fox River in Ottawa. Prior to the officer measuring the fish the men said they had measured them. The fishermen said they knew walleyes caught on the Fox River had to be 14 inches to legally keep. Sure enough, all the walleyes in the catch were over the 14-inch length limit.
A District 1 CPO investigated hunting without permission complaint in Ogle County. A subject was discovered hunting in the landowner’s stand and fled the area before being identified. The landowner then discovered the trespasser had dumped a large amount of bait on the ground and had set a trail camera up to view the bait. After viewing the video on the camera, it was discovered the violator had himself on video dumping the bait. The investigation is continuing.
A District 1 CPO concluded an investigation of a TIPS complaint in Ogle County. The complaint was received after a subject had posted photos online of himself deer hunting during youth firearm season, but was not wearing blaze orange. A records check of the subject showed he did not have a hunting license, habitat stamp, or any permits. The subject was located by the CPO after a local agency had arrested him on an outstanding warrant. The CPO interviewed the subject and issued him citations and warnings for his violations.
While on patrol for hunters in Carroll County, two District 1 CPOs observed a vehicle traveling a country road. As the vehicle passed the CPOs, a plate check was done. The check showed the plates to be expired. The CPOs stopped the vehicle and observed the sticker on the vehicle was current. Further investigation showed the plates did not belong to the vehicle and the driver had taken a sticker off his van and put on the plates to make them appear valid. In addition, the driver was suspended and had no insurance. The driver was arrested and received several charges and the vehicle was towed.
While checking fishermen in Ogle County, a District 1 CPO discovered a subject to be in possession of an undersized smallmouth bass. The angler was issued a citation and the fish was returned to the river. A District 6 CPO checked a public hunting area where there were reports of deer stands being left illegally overnight. The CPO located three stands in addition to one found earlier in the season. Enforcement action is pending.
A District 6 CPO observed two hikers climbing in the Starved Rock Trails. Consent to search the subjects was given during questioning and two vaporizers and a form of cannabis called “wax” was discovered. Citations for climbing, drug paraphernalia, and possession of less than 2.5 grams were issued.

Region II

Two District 2 CPOs arrested a subject on Nippersink Lake for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject blew a 0.159 percent. The CPOs then headed back to the Chain O’ Lakes State Park boat ramp where they arrested a second subject for OUI after they observed him strike a pier. The subject blew a 0.126 percent.
A 26-year-old subject was stopped for creating a wake in a no wake zone on Grass Lake. The operator exhibited signs of impairment, and field sobriety testing was done. The subject failed the testing and was arrested for OUI. The subject refused to submit to a breath test.
An OUI boater on the Fox River in St. Charles was stopped at the launch. The operator was arrested and blew .176 percent.
A pontoon boat on the Fox River in St. Charles was stopped while operating after sunset with no operable navigation lights besides a Coleman lantern strapped to the front of the boat. The boat was occupied by several adults and small children and the children under the age of 13 were not wearing PFDs. The operator was cited for the violation along with not having valid registration and a written warning was issued for improper lights.
A District 2 CPOT and a District 4 CPOT were conducting waterfowl enforcement on the Fox Chain O’ Lakes. They initiated a boat stop on an individual for a no-wake violation on the channel between Channel Lake and Lake Marie. The operator, dressed in blaze orange, had an uncased shotgun sitting next to him on the boat. The operator said he had been out duck hunting on the Chain O’ Lakes. Noticing blood and shotgun shells in the boat, the CPOTs asked how many ducks he had killed. The operator proudly opened his cooler and pulled out two dead loons and a dead sea gull. A check of the shotgun revealed no plug. The operator was taken to Lake County Jail and charged with three counts of unlawful take of protected species, unlawful use of an unplugged shotgun, unlawful transportation of an uncased shotgun, unlawful possession of slug shotgun shells while hunting waterfowl, unlawful possession of a firearm without a valid FOID, and violation of no-wake area.
While patrolling Lake Decatur two District 19 CPOs observed a ski boat towing a large inflatable tube with two people. They also noticed two passengers riding on seat backs in the boat and a passenger riding on the swim platform on the back of the boat. After stopping the boat, the officers noticed a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on the boat. The operator was found to be OUI and registered a .126 percent BAC.
A District 11 CPO received a tip that a rural Cumberland County man had poached a doe on the third day of archery season. The CPO went and spoke with the man who had shot the deer not far from his home on Lake Mattoon. The man had no hunting license or deer tags. The man received citations and warnings and has a pending court date. The deer meat was seized

Region IV

A Jersey County CPO is investigating a personal injury boat accident. A boat operator made an abrupt turn to recover a downed skier when an elderly passenger slid off the seat and injured her back.
A Jersey County CPO and the District supervisor responded to a boat fire on the Mississippi River in the Grafton area. While investigating the accident, they learned the accident occurred in Missouri. The Missouri Highway Patrol was contacted and the information gathered was relayed to them.
A CPO in Brown County was patrolling Buckhorn and he was checking the vehicles of hunters in the field. The CPO observed a pipe in plain view sitting on a cooler in the front seat of a vehicle. When the hunter returned to his vehicle, he was confronted about the pipe. The pipe was used to smoke cannabis.
A CPO in Jersey County located a baited tree stand several weeks ago and checked the baited tree stand off and on. Finally, the CPO located a hunter in the stand. Immediately after exiting his squad, the CPO heard a loud noise and noticed the tree stand was no longer occupied. He ran to the stand location and found the hunter on the ground under the stand. The hunter complained of a back injury and an ambulance was called. The hunter told the CPO he knew the stand was baited and was trying to flee the scene. The hunter was transported to St. Anthony's Hospital in Alton.
A CPO in Pike County responded to a complaint in Adams County of hunting without permission. An Adams County deputy arrived very quickly and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle leaving the scene. The deputy observed an untagged deer and asked for assistance. A father and grandfather had two youths hunting with them. They did not get permission to hunt this year, but they had permission to in the past. The deputy advised that the property had changed hands due to a death and the present owner did not allow hunting. The father was in possession of a tag of a third child who was not present. The grandfather received citations for hunting without permission and failure to tag deer upon kill. Written warnings were issued for no blaze orange hat and hunting along roadway. The father received citations for hunting without permission and possession of another hunter’s permits. Written warnings were issued for no blaze orange and hunting along roadway. Permits and license of the child not present were seized. One child stated his older brother never hunts.
A CPO in Brown County arrested an archery hunter for hunting with the aid of bait. The subject had a bag of apples he was using as bait.
A CPO in Jersey County arrested a subject fishing without a license on the Mississippi River in Alton. The subject was wanted on a St. Louis Police Department warrant for a probation violation. Bond was $5,000. He was transported to the Madison County jail.

Region V

A CPO patrolled Jackson County for dove hunters on opening day for dove hunting. While on patrol the CPO came across four adult subjects and two youths hunting over a sunflower field. During a compliance check, the CPO discovered that the field had also been supplemented with wheat and corn. When the landowner, who was hunting the field, was confronted about the additional corn and wheat, he stated that he wanted to make it a good hunt for the kids.
A CPO conducted surveillance of a dove field in Massac County. Information of large numbers of doves being harvested earlier in the day at the same location had been received. An individual who had hunted in the morning, who admitted to shooting 17 doves and recovering 15 was interviewed. During the afternoon hunt, the same hunter shot three doves and was able to recover two prior to my making contact with him. A written statement was given by the offender detailing the entirety of his actions. This case is being referred to the USFWS.
While conducting migratory game checks in Franklin County, CPOs located a group of hunters hunting dove near Valier. During the check, a CPO walked the fields and located areas of broadcast sunflower seeds. Further inspection of the area revealed more baited areas. Approximately five hunters were in the field and killed 14 doves. The owner of the field admitted he had spread seed by hand approximately two weeks earlier. Charges are pending in the investigation.
A CPO was assigned to investigate a train derailment in Massac County. The fuel tank on one of the locomotives ruptured and diesel fuel was leaked into a nearby creek that fed into the Ohio River.
CPOs conducted boat patrol on Kinkaid Lake. A Jackson County subject was arrested by a CPO for several violations including registration violation, equipment violations, operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest. The subject was also arrested by a Jackson County Deputy for aggravated battery of a police officer as the subject pushed the deputy that had arrived to assist with the subject at a boat ramp.
A CPO cited a Perry County resident for possessing two live squirrels. The squirrels were released back into the wild. A CPO performed an inspection of an aquaculture permit holder in Johnson County. No violations were noted.
A CPO charged two subjects for fishing without fishing licenses. One subject had been charged by this same CPO several years ago for the same violation.
A CPO cited a North Carolina hunter who possessed a single antlerless only permit. He was cited for failure to tag a deer immediately upon harvest and for not possessing a hunting license. The hunter was warned for hunting without permission after contacting the landowner who chose to not press charges.
A concerned caller reported a big fish kill near Carmi. A CPO responded and checked five miles of river by boat near the city and did not find any dead fish.
Four men received over $2,200 in fines and 6 months supervision for unlawfully hunting waterfowl over bait in Pope County.
An Alabama man was arrested in Jefferson County for taking two youths firearm deer hunting a day before the season opened.
A CPO was able to identify two subjects photographed on a landowner's trail camera. The subjects were walking through the landowner's field after setting up a tree stand on the Shawnee National Forest. Walking through the field was an easier walk than staying on the forest land. Both subjects have been warned to stay off this landowner's property.
A CPO received a report of an injured Bald Eagle in Jackson County. Upon arrival, the Bald Eagle had died. It was transferred to a local rehabilitator to be transported to the USFWS.

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