Daylight vs dawn and dusk lunkers: Top times for fishing

For years, dedicated readers and attendees at my seminars have heard me preach the importance of fishing early and late in the day. Well, I’m going to offer you a reprieve for a couple months, because many times in fall, we can find a good pattern and fantastic bite during the midday hours.

A couple factors come into play here. For starters, especially midweek, you’re going to have lakes and rivers virtually all to yourself in fall. That lack of noise and pressure means fish are more willing to activate at all hours. Never underestimate the fishing pressure factor, and use it to your advantage in situations like this.

Second, the sun is less direct, and the days are shorter and   typically more overcast. Those lower light conditions mean fish are willing to feed. Plus, as I’ve said before, there simply is a lot of food out there now, and fish want to chase it at all hours.

Misty rainy days in the fall might just be my favorite time to fish all year. My family has had great pike success under those conditions in the fall, especially  when accompanied by cool temperatures. The pike go berserk, really.

Yes, the general rule for fishing, especially walleyes, is fish early and late in the day – dawn and dusk. That’s a good general rule, and don’t abandon it. In a typical fall pattern, fish shallow in evenings, casting crankbaits or jigging for walleyes. You’ll have success. But try fishing during daylight hours by working deeper. And even in fall, if you’re trolling in clear water, add that fluorocarbon leader.

People are putting their boats away a little earlier this year. Don’t be that guy. Go out and enjoy fall fishing at all hours!


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