Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Ohio River Region Fishing Report – October 10th, 2014

Hannibal Lock and Dam tail water (Willow Island Pool,  Monroe County) – Hybrid striped bass: Look for jumping schools of bait fish as a sign of hybrids feeding on the surface. Use surface baits or near surface baits. Soft bodied swim baits (fished below a “launcher float”) and shallow running or surface stick baits such as pencil poppers work well when fish are feeding near the surface. Channel catfish: Use slip rigs with cut or live skipjack and gizzard shad fished on the bottom. 

Clermont, Brown, and Adams counties – Try fishing the embankments, near stream confluences, and near warm-water discharges. Spinnerbaits, jig/pork combinations, and crankbaits are good lures to try. Warm-water discharges and stream confluences as well as the dam tailwaters are good areas to fish for sauger – try using twister tail jigs and minnows. Sauger and hybrid striped bass: have also been caught on big creek chubs or any deep-diving bait that resemble minnows. Channel cats: are being caught on cut bait, live shad, chicken livers, and worms. For hybrid striped bass and channel catfish, stay in any of the tail waters. Flathead catfish: have been hitting cut baits, chicken liver, and nightcrawlers fished on the bottom. Smallmouth bass: try tube baits or crankbaits.

Racine Dam Tailwater (Meigs County) – Striped bass and hybrid striped bass: Try using spoons and other minnow imitating lures or live skipjack fished throughout the area. Catfish: can also be caught on skipjack, so don’t be surprised if you catch one here. Skipjack: This popular baitfish will bite on just about anything, but anglers in this area generally have success with white grubs or three-hook sabiki rigs.

Greenup Dam (Scioto County) – Smallmouth bass: While not a traditional target fish in this area, they can provide a different opportunity for the adventurous angler. Target the large rock riprap along the Ohio shore with crankbaits, swimbaits, or lead-head jigs with a twister. Blue catfish: Live skipjack has been the preferred bait, don’t be afraid to use one up to 12 inches in size. Try using a slip rig or three-way fished off the bottom. Channel catfish can be caught by the same method.

Clermont County –Striped bass and catfish: are hot right now; fish above or below the Meldahl Dam using chicken livers or nightcrawlers fished on the bottom.

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